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Time Flies!

Welcome back to PJsandYogaPants! The past few days have been a total blur…but a good blur. Let me take you all the way back to Friday. 🙂 It was my day off. I had wanted to do my “5 for Friday” post, but never got to it. Since I started my second job, I haven’t … Continue reading

Feelin the Burn

Wow- I went to my first upper body night at Total Body Shaping last night and boy am I feeling it today! It was such a blast! We worked shoulders and back last night with a combo of punches on the bag and some really hard push-ups. For the push-ups, we had to lower down … Continue reading

All Kinds of Health

It’s Wednesday- and that means it’s halfway through the week for us 9-5ers. Friday is just around the corner 🙂 Friday is extra special this week because it’s my company’s summer trip to Six Flags New England. I love roller coasters and any fun rides. My favorite ride at Six Flags is the Mind Eraser. … Continue reading

Friday Off

Happy Friday!!! Today is my “off” Friday from work. Teeny actually let me sleep in until 7 this morning, so that was nice. I was really hoping for 8, but oh well. 🙂 My original plan for today was to hit up the beach, but Mother Nature did not let that happen. It’s cloudy and … Continue reading

A Non-Cocktail

Hi Everyone! You made it to the middle of the week. Yay! I don’t know about you, but I’m dragging. I think my weekend is still catching up with me. I’m such an old lady now. Ha. Workout Yesterday morning I did get up and go for a run. I was actually excited about it. … Continue reading

Lunch and Dinner and a Run

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a good start to the week. My Monday was good for two reasons: 1. I started my new schedule at work. One week I work 45 hours and the next week I work only 35 and I have Friday off. Every other Friday off will be awesome, especially during the … Continue reading

Curried Sweet Potato Lentil Stew

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was busy and full of good drinks and good friends, but not much exercising. Bad Steph. I have an excuse though! Her name is Teeny Tina. Look how sweet she is during the day? She liked my dad when my parents came by on Mother’s Day. Teeny is … Continue reading

Not Like Me

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I (sadly) don’t think there are any drinks in my future today, but I hope there are for you! 🙂 Workouts Good news on the workout front: starting tomorrow, I can get back to my normal workout, and heck, normal life routine. My eyes should be good to go! Yay! I can’t … Continue reading

Spicy Spicy

Hi Everyone. It’s another rainy day in the Boston area. I just want to see the sun! As of now, the weekend is supposed to be nice though. We have that to look forward to. Dinner A while ago,  a friend of mine recommended the Chicken Masala microwave dinner from Trader Joe’s. I finally remembered … Continue reading