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Brownie Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone! It’s like Friday for me because of my new work schedule; every other Friday off! Tomorrow is my first Friday off and I am psyched! I’m already used to working an extra hour each day and it will really pay off when I get to sleep in tomorrow 🙂 So is it … Continue reading

No Internet

Welcome back to Monday. Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was great and wicked busy. I had planned to blog about it all today, but the internet at my apartment is down. I’m currently blogging from my phone on the WordPress app. First time! I was supposed to get up and run this morning, … Continue reading

Should You Eat That Bacon?

Happy mid-workweek everyone! It seems to be going by pretty quickly. I don’t know if any of you are on Facebook or not (probably are!), but one of my favorite things about it is seeing the funny pictures my friends post. I saw this last night and just couldn’t stop laughing. There’s just something about … Continue reading

Fish and Tacos, but Not Fish Tacos

Monday, Monday… Isn’t that a song? 🙂 I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. Friday night was a total wash because of my eyes (In case you missed the news, I’m getting Lasik surgery this week and had to get one last, big dilation Friday afternoon). Wow, you should’ve SEEN … Continue reading

Mad Men

Hello friends! Did you survive the week? I managed. You know what’s weird? I think Mother Nature knew my mood and matched the weather to it. Look at it outside our window last night. It’s been this dreary all week. I could’ve used a little sunshine! Jeesh. 😉 Weekend It’s my roommate’s birthday next week, … Continue reading

Lunches Lately

Hi Everyone! Wow- this week at work is so busy. I’d rather be busy than bored though, so I don’t mind. I work all week and part of how I maintain my weight is by making and bringing my lunches to work almost every day. It’s only once in a while that I order food … Continue reading