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Breakfast really is my favorite meal

Hello out there! How are your days going? Mine is starting off well. I was supposed to go in to Boston last night with my roommate to see a show, but I ended up feeling really sick. I had a fever, chills, body aches and nausea. Where did that come from? It started yesterday afternoon … Continue reading

Changin’ Things Up

I’m getting really excited to change the design of PjsAndYogaPants up a bit and I couldn’t help but tinker around with the theme last night. This is closer to what I want, but with just a little more pizazz. I like that I still have some pink, but it’s not screaming pink. LOL I’ve always … Continue reading

Some Silliness

Happy Thursday! I was in a weird mood yesterday morning- I had been so stressed about our kitchen (and the mess left by our maintenance dept) that I tossed and turned all night. I overslept and didn’t work out. Boo. But, I got over it. It’s hard for me to stay angry long. Just to … Continue reading

The Sexiest Sandwich

Hi Everyone! The weather here in the Boston-area is slowly improving and this weekend looks to be nice. Especially Saturday 🙂 79 degrees for a high- yes! Goals I received a really good email yesterday that I want discuss with you all. I’m on the email list for Transformation Nation, a program sponsored by Dr.Oz … Continue reading

Fridge Food

Hi Everyone. I’m really looking forward to some sun today; the weather is only supposed to have scattered showers and I hope they scatter away from me. Haha! You know what I love? Finding leftovers and random bits of food in the fridge and turning them all in to a mish-mash of a meal. I … Continue reading

Old School to New School

Happy Friday! Oops, I mean Thursday. I have tomorrow off though, so it’s like Friday to me. I can already feel the happiness in the air at work for the long weekend. Speaking of happy things like long weekends,one of my favorite foods/meals ever is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I used to make GIANT … Continue reading