The Sexiest Sandwich

Hi Everyone!

The weather here in the Boston-area is slowly improving and this weekend looks to be nice. Especially Saturday 🙂 79 degrees for a high- yes!


I received a really good email yesterday that I want discuss with you all. I’m on the email list for Transformation Nation, a program sponsored by Dr.Oz with the goal of “transforming” the US from unhealthy to healthy. Every day I get one of their emails and there’s always a fitness tip. Some of the tips are painfully obvious or just boring, but I liked yesterday’s tip: “Set Specific Goals.”

The tip asks “why did you start to exercise?” and lists examples like “to lose weight, to feel better, to not moan every time you step in front of a mirror.” It goes on to say that these are good goals, but probably won’t help you stick to a program in the long run.

Then it describes intrinsic motivation, which is motivation found within yourself, rather than an outside source.

I think this really correlates to my goal of running the 4 mile race I signed up for. I’m not running it to lose weight or to beat someone’s time; I want to run this race to challenge myself and see if I can do something I’ve never done before. I like working out and improving myself and trying to be the best Steph I can be. Not for anyone else, but for me. (I rhymed!)

Not only should the goal be intrinsically motivated, but it should be specific. I want to run a 4 mile race. If I just said I wanted to start running, but with no set mileage or time, it would be hard to gauge when I reached my goal.

I’m really glad I read the email- goals and their motivation are good ideas to keep thinking about.

Do you have any specific goals right now? Fitness or non-fitness related? Are they intrinsically motivated?

The Sexiest Sandwich

When I got home from work last night I was craving peanut butter. Shocker right? It’s only my favorite food. Haha. I got the bread and peanut butter out, but I didn’t just want a peanut butter sandwich. I had jam in the fridge and I didn’t want that either. I wanted to have some kind of fresh fruit or vegetable, you know, to be healthy. 🙂

While peaking through the fridge, inspiration struck!

Peanut Butter and Blackberries!

Yup, peanut butter and blackberries. I had strawberries too, but for some reason the blackberries just seemed, I don’t’ know, more exotic? LOL

Mmm! It was sooooo amazing. Seriously, who needs jam when you can use fresh fruit?

Sexiness on a plate.

The bread was toasted, so the peanut butter got all melty and the berries sort of mushed in to everything. Mmm!

Sexy sandwich…not so sexy sandwich eater. 😉

I guess I was in a carb + fruit mood yesterday because I started the day with a peach topped waffle too. Yum! I ❤ fruit!

Have you ever made a peanut butter and fruit sandwich before? I’d like to think I invented it, but I doubt that somehow. Hee hee.


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