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Feelin the Burn

Wow- I went to my first upper body night at Total Body Shaping last night and boy am I feeling it today! It was such a blast! We worked shoulders and back last night with a combo of punches on the bag and some really hard push-ups. For the push-ups, we had to lower down … Continue reading

Curried Sweet Potato Lentil Stew

Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was busy and full of good drinks and good friends, but not much exercising. Bad Steph. I have an excuse though! Her name is Teeny Tina. Look how sweet she is during the day? She liked my dad when my parents came by on Mother’s Day. Teeny is … Continue reading

Nacho Night Gone Wild!

Happy Marathon Monday! If you live in MA or are just a fan of marathons, then you know what I’m talking about. In Massachusetts, the third Monday of April is a holiday, Patrtiot’s Day, and it’s also the day of the Boston Marathon. It’s a BIG deal around here. Unfortunately, my company is headquartered in Michigan, so I … Continue reading

What’s Cookin in My Kitchen?

It’s Friday! Woohoo! We made it! Well, I hope you did anyway 😉 I went out last night to buy the ingredients for a slow-cooker recipe I’m making today. I must’ve been tired  because when I got home, I hadn’t bought the CHICKEN for the recipe. Kind of hard to enjoy a chicken recipe with … Continue reading

Pineapple Paradise

What a great weekend! I was too busy (and lazy) to post about it until now. After work on Friday, I went out shooting with my dad. It was just warm enough to shoot outside, which is always more fun. My dad teased me the whole time because my shoulders kept getting tired from holding … Continue reading