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What Motivates You?

Hi Everyone- I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back today. Working two jobs has left me pretty tired and my exercise routine has not been as consistent as it used to be. Since I’ve been so busy and tired, and there are probably lots of you who are also busy and tired, I … Continue reading

All Kinds of Health

It’s Wednesday- and that means it’s halfway through the week for us 9-5ers. Friday is just around the corner 🙂 Friday is extra special this week because it’s my company’s summer trip to Six Flags New England. I love roller coasters and any fun rides. My favorite ride at Six Flags is the Mind Eraser. … Continue reading

Lunches Lately

Hi Everyone! Wow- this week at work is so busy. I’d rather be busy than bored though, so I don’t mind. I work all week and part of how I maintain my weight is by making and bringing my lunches to work almost every day. It’s only once in a while that I order food … Continue reading

Mixed Emotions

Wow- I don’t even know how to start off this post.  It’s still early in the day and already I’ve been through a wide range of emotions. Happieness, saddness, stress, worry…I’m feeling pretty tired. Work An employee at my job had to stop working last summer because he became seriously ill. He actually went out … Continue reading

H2O on the H2Up

Happy Friday! It’s been a couple days since I wrote about trying to get more water in to my life at home and on the weekend, here. I have a trick that seems to be helping (at least during the weeknights). A soon as I walk in, I put my bags and coat and anything … Continue reading