Ab-tastic Monday

Hey out there in the world! I hope you had a great weekend 🙂  The weather in Boston was hot and sunny…so I made my way to the beach. I have a slight sunburn as proof, but hopefully it will be gone in a day or two…gulp!

Other than burning at the beach, I spent a little time over the weekend on Pinterest. That site is so addicting. I follow a bunch of health and fitness boards and a really cool pin came up in my feed.

It’s for a 30-Day Ab Challenge from shrinkingjeans.net. Take a look:


So who’s in with me? I’m going to start tomorrow; 30 crunches isn’t so bad. 120 crunches on day 3 is going to be a lot harder though! I’m psyched!

The other pin I found and love is this quote:

love life

I’m working on it!! 🙂

Have an ab-tastic Monday! Hee hee.

2 thoughts on “Ab-tastic Monday

  1. I never could get into doing crunches for some reason. I love all other kinds of exercise but not AB WORK!!!! Unfortunately, I think it’s time though. My body is crying for AB WORK!! Oh, and I love the sign!! That’s a good mission for everyone.

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