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A Plan for the Summer

Hey Everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the Summer. Or at the very least, Spring! I want to wear dresses and flip flops. Ohhh flip flops… Look at the weather for the rest of the week up here in Boston: (photo credit) The weekend looks okay, but the middle of … Continue reading

So What Is That Drink?

Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week for us “9-5ers.” Yippee! So remember this mysterious drink from yesterday’s post? It’s a new drink that I’m going to try and have every morning. The recipe/idea came from an awesome blog I follow, Food Babe. The drink is: lemon and cayenne pepper in water. Sounds weird, huh? … Continue reading

Getting Back on Track

Hey there! Hope you’re 2013 is going well. I’ve started off the year doing some good stuff for my mind- cleaning and reading! The closet floor in my bedroom had become a resting ground for anything and everything that I want hidden or out of the way in the 2 1/2 years I’ve been at … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to 2013. I’m ready for this year to begin- I have a feeling it’s going to be great. 2012 was a really big, really tough year for me, but I learned so much. I learned about heartbreak. It’s the worst. It’s true though, eventually hearts heal. I learned that I can accomplish … Continue reading

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m especially excited for this weekend to start because one of my best friends, Kara, is getting married. I’m even lucky enough to be in her wedding. Her Bachelorette Party was last Saturday night and it was a total blast. It started out at the house of one of the girls where we … Continue reading

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Helloooo! So glad to be back! I had a crazy, fun weekend, but I really want to get right in to the day with some recipes. I have two deliciously sinful cookie recipes to share. Here we go! Cookies A week ago, I knew I wanted to do some baking and bring in treats for … Continue reading

Count ’em!

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and a nice start to the work week. I definitely want to start off by announcing that this is my 100th post! Count ’em…100! Yay! I was so nervous to begin a blog, but I’m having a lot of fun writing and sharing my experiences. I … Continue reading

A Nice Walk

Last night I was determined to get some exercise in to my day. I feel like if I keep being tired, I’ll just keep being tired. Get it? I need to get out of the little rut I’m in. The day started off gray and rainy. I took this shot from my car- the sky … Continue reading

Another Box in the Mail

One of my favorite things is getting fun mail. Seriously. Don’t you always get so excited when you have a fun letter show up or a mystery package? “Who is this letter from?” “What did I order?” This is one reason I love being in the Foodie Pen Pal program- but more on that tomorrow, … Continue reading

5 for Friday

It’s Friday! I’m so excited. I’ve been really busy this week and I’m looking forward to Sunday for some relaxation time 🙂 Last night I went to my second night of boot camp. I thought it was going to be upper body, but it was lower body and core again. I was really hoping for … Continue reading