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Feelin the Love

Hola Everyone! You know, I’m getting so used to blogging regularly that I feel totally out of whack when I miss a weekday post. I really am loving blogging and getting to chat with new people and explore new blogs. And, it’s nice to know there are a few people (maybe?) that enjoy reading my … Continue reading

What a Beautiful Morning

Happy Sunday Friends! What a great weekend this has been. It’s been a little hectic though and I do have to admit, I started this post on Friday and then the whole day just went “Kaboom” and I never got to finish it. It’s not a bad thing though 🙂 I love being busy. Foodie … Continue reading

Workin for the Weekend

Hi Everyone! What a fun weekend. I ended up not feeling well on Friday, but made up for it over the weekend. My parents picked me up at 8:30 on Saturday morning, which is actually really late for a day out with my parents. LOL. I’m more used to 7 AM with them! I still … Continue reading