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What a Beautiful Morning

Happy Sunday Friends! What a great weekend this has been. It’s been a little hectic though and I do have to admit, I started this post on Friday and then the whole day just went “Kaboom” and I never got to finish it. It’s not a bad thing though 🙂 I love being busy. Foodie … Continue reading

Not Like Me

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I (sadly) don’t think there are any drinks in my future today, but I hope there are for you! 🙂 Workouts Good news on the workout front: starting tomorrow, I can get back to my normal workout, and heck, normal life routine. My eyes should be good to go! Yay! I can’t … Continue reading

Fridge Food

Hi Everyone. I’m really looking forward to some sun today; the weather is only supposed to have scattered showers and I hope they scatter away from me. Haha! You know what I love? Finding leftovers and random bits of food in the fridge and turning them all in to a mish-mash of a meal. I … Continue reading

Wine and Workouts

Hi Everyone! It’s Thursday, so the work week is almost done. Woohoo! I had a “woohoo” night last night with my friend Kara, her fiance Steve and her friend Jimi; we went to The Melting Pot for a wine tasting from Natick Wine and Spirits. There were so many wines to taste and pots of … Continue reading

Corn Flake Crusted Chicken

Happy Wednesday! Halfway through the week! I have this Friday off too, so I only have to make it through Thursday. I have a delicious recipe to share. I think it’s kind of old school, but still delicious and pretty healthy. AND, it only has three ingredients. Before the recipe, I’m going to share my … Continue reading