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The Sexiest Sandwich

Hi Everyone! The weather here in the Boston-area is slowly improving and this weekend looks to be nice. Especially Saturday 🙂 79 degrees for a high- yes! Goals I received a really good email yesterday that I want discuss with you all. I’m on the email list for Transformation Nation, a program sponsored by Dr.Oz … Continue reading

Should You Eat That Bacon?

Happy mid-workweek everyone! It seems to be going by pretty quickly. I don’t know if any of you are on Facebook or not (probably are!), but one of my favorite things about it is seeing the funny pictures my friends post. I saw this last night and just couldn’t stop laughing. There’s just something about … Continue reading

Lunch and Dinner and a Run

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a good start to the week. My Monday was good for two reasons: 1. I started my new schedule at work. One week I work 45 hours and the next week I work only 35 and I have Friday off. Every other Friday off will be awesome, especially during the … Continue reading

Not Like Me

Happy Thirsty Thursday! I (sadly) don’t think there are any drinks in my future today, but I hope there are for you! 🙂 Workouts Good news on the workout front: starting tomorrow, I can get back to my normal workout, and heck, normal life routine. My eyes should be good to go! Yay! I can’t … Continue reading

Double Trouble

I’m feeling good today. As hard as it is to get up in the morning for a workout, there is no doubt that I feel more energized for the rest of the day. I have to keep remembering this feeling! Last night I was supposed to go to yoga, but I was really hyper when … Continue reading

No Pain, No Gain

Hey Everyone- remeber the workout I did OUTSIDE on Tuesday night? Well it kicked my butt. I look like a cripple walking around at my work because my legs are so sore. When I got home from the gym this morning, I tried to do push-ups and crunches, but my muscles hurt too much. Damn! … Continue reading

Mix and Mud

Today was a GREAT day. I ordered something I’ve been wanting forever and it came in the mail! I had it delivered to my work, so that I wouldn’t have to pick it up at the post office. Are you excited??? Aaahhhhhhh!!! I finally own one! There is some serious baking in my future this … Continue reading