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Any Plant Experts Out There?

Gooooood morning! All the birdies are chirping away outside. I’m still loving their sweet songs! Remember my African Violet that I repotted a couple of weeks ago? Take a look at it from this morning.   Those are little mushrooms. What the heck? Did I get some kind of contaminated potting soil or something? The … Continue reading

Fridge Food

Hi Everyone. I’m really looking forward to some sun today; the weather is only supposed to have scattered showers and I hope they scatter away from me. Haha! You know what I love? Finding leftovers and random bits of food in the fridge and turning them all in to a mish-mash of a meal. I … Continue reading

Eye Am So Excited

Welcome to Tuesday. I was up bright and early today, mostly because Teeny wouldn’t let me sleep…aahhhhh! I had planned to work out today, but my back still feels a little sore and I don’t want to risk anything. I did do a bunch of types of crunches and some push-ups though. I had to … Continue reading