Eye Am So Excited

Welcome to Tuesday. I was up bright and early today, mostly because Teeny wouldn’t let me sleep…aahhhhh!

I had planned to work out today, but my back still feels a little sore and I don’t want to risk anything. I did do a bunch of types of crunches and some push-ups though. I had to do something!

Although I thought I had some privacy, I was being watched.

Yes, that is an autographed picture of Jon Hamm. My roomie loves him and got it for her birthday. I think Teeny has a crush on him too!

Another thing I checked off my to-do list this morning was to re-pot my African Violet plant. It hasn’t flowered in months and looks pretty lame; I finally figured out that it probably needs some nice, new soil.



I got dirt all over it- I hope that’s not a problem. Hopefully this will really help. It has such pretty purpley-pink colored flowers and it was given to me by a friend. I really love plants and I would love to have a garden if I had a yard. >>Sigh<< Someday.

Eye Am So Excited

I have some exciting news this morning! More exciting that re-potting your plant, you ask? LOL. Yes! You may have noticed that I always have glasses on when I work out in the morning. I have to wear them because my eyes aren’t awake enough for contacts. And lately, I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot.

I’ve been wearing my glasses because I was prepping for a Lasik consultation! The consultation is to verify that your eyes are eligible to have Lasik performed on them and you can’t wear contacts for two weeks before the consultation. Some reasons your eyes wouldn’t be eligible are if your corneas are too thin or if you have very dry eyes.  My consultation was this past Saturday and I am eligible. Woohoo! I have my surgery scheduled for next week. I have to continue wearing my glasses before the surgery, so basically I should never wear contacts again. I can’t believe it. I’ve needed glasses since I was 13. Now I’ll be able to wake up and work out with no glasses bouncing around my face or sliding down my nose. “Eye” am just so excited 😉

I’m not nervous now, but I know I will be on the day of the surgery.

I still can’t believe I’m having this done! Eek!

“Eye” hope you all have a great Tuesday! 😉

Do you have a crush on Jon Hamm too?

Would you have Lasik surgery, so you wouldn’t have to wear glasses or contacts any more?

5 thoughts on “Eye Am So Excited

  1. To answer your qustions:

    I’m in love with Jon Hamm.

    I had laser eye surgery, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made!



    Your roomie

  2. I would like to have LASIK surgery too, but I doubt I will – I’ll continue to wear the old glasses! But I’m sure you will love it when you don’t need contacts or glasses anymore-and you are young enough to enjoy that benefit!! Good for you!! Love, Mommy

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