Any Plant Experts Out There?

Gooooood morning! All the birdies are chirping away outside. I’m still loving their sweet songs!

Remember my African Violet that I repotted a couple of weeks ago? Take a look at it from this morning.


Those are little mushrooms. What the heck? Did I get some kind of contaminated potting soil or something? The plant itself is not looking any better either. 😦 I’m not giving up yet though!

On better news, today is day of my Lasik eye surgery. I’m so excited. I’m going to have the looooongest half-day at work today. As of now, I’m still not nervous. I think I will be when I actually get to the office and start getting prepped, but now, nothing but giddy excitement.

Last day in glasses!

Good bye glasses!

Last day with my awful, poofy hair and glasses! I don’t know why my hair looks so red in this pic- it’s blonde and brown really. WorkoutsWhen I met with the doctor a couple weeks ago about my surgery, she told me that I couldn’t work out for a week after the procedure. I’m going to ask more about that today. It will really stink if I can’t do any kind of exercise; I don’t want to rely on eating like an angel in order to stay at the same weight over the next week. I mean, it’s not like a play sports where balls or other eequipment could fly at my face. I, Steph C., actually WANT to work out. And I might not be able to. What. The. Heck. LOL Ok, just a few hours left. I won’t be using the computer for a couple days to give my eyes some healing time, but I’ll be back as soon as I possible. I’ll try to throw a few comments out on my Facebook page too, so “Like” me on FB to stay in touch 🙂 SEE you all later 😉

4 thoughts on “Any Plant Experts Out There?

  1. Wow! Only a few hours and you will be “glasses-free”! All will go well, I know! Talk to you after the big day!

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