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New Music and Breakfast On the Go

Good morning. Hope you are all having a good week. My week is fantastic because one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, released their new album yesterday. Their music is a really cool mix of country, bluegrass, rock and folk. I’m going to see them live this Sunday night- perfect way to end the … Continue reading

Any Plant Experts Out There?

Gooooood morning! All the birdies are chirping away outside. I’m still loving their sweet songs! Remember my African Violet that I repotted a couple of weeks ago? Take a look at it from this morning.   Those are little mushrooms. What the heck? Did I get some kind of contaminated potting soil or something? The … Continue reading

I’m Freezing!

Before I can even chat about anything else, please look at the weather here in Boston today: Boston Weather Current conditions Sunny 27°F 9° F RealFeel temperature   Oh. My. God. It was in the 80’s just 5 days ago! What is going on? It’s really 27, but feels like 9 degrees! Ack.   I … Continue reading