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New Food Review and a Great Run

Happy Wednesday People! Hope it’s going well for you. I’m happy to report that my kitty, Teeny, has been behaving much better at night over the past couple of weeks and I’ve been sleeping very well. I’m one of those people who need 8 hours of sleep and when I get less, I really feel … Continue reading

A Non-Cocktail

Hi Everyone! You made it to the middle of the week. Yay! I don’t know about you, but I’m dragging. I think my weekend is still catching up with me. I’m such an old lady now. Ha. Workout Yesterday morning I did get up and go for a run. I was actually excited about it. … Continue reading

Foggy Friday

It’s finally Friday! Woohoo! I’ve had the busiest week at work and can’t wait to relax a bit. Not that I have a lot of down time this weekend. Listen to my plans: Friday night– Xanadu in Boston. It’s a really funny musical based off of an Olivia Newton John movie. My roommate saw the … Continue reading

I’m Running a Race!

Good morning Everyone. It’s beautiful here outside Boston. I hope the weekend will be just as nice. As you can tell from the title of this post, I”m running a race. I signed up for the “Miles Over the Moon” 4 miler that I mentioned yesterday. I’m so excited. A night race in Salem during … Continue reading