Old School to New School

Happy Friday! Oops, I mean Thursday. I have tomorrow off though, so it’s like Friday to me. I can already feel the happiness in the air at work for the long weekend.

Speaking of happy things like long weekends,one of my favorite foods/meals ever is a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I used to make GIANT ones all through college and they would power me through a day at school. I knew they were super fattening though, but it was still a favorite indulgence.

It’s funny to me now that the PB and B on toast is one of the most popular foods I see on the health and fitness blogs that I follow. It’s a popular pre-workout meal for runners and other fitness junkies. How could a meal full of bread and peanut butter and sugary bananas now be healthy? Why wasn’t it healthy when I was eating them growing up? Well, there are certain changes I’ve made to my recipe over the past couple of years that make this sandwich signifigantly more healthy.

First all- the bread. I used to eat whatever bread was in the house, which usually eneded up being some sort of calorie-loaded “healthy” style bread from Pepridge Farm or the like. Some of these slices had 150-200 calories each- a lot of calories before even adding the toppings.

Secondly, well, does this look familiar?

The good ole days.

Yup, like most Americans, I grew up eating Skippy, Peter Pan and Reese’s peanut butter. Full of protein, but also full of lots of not-so-good ingredients, especially partially hydrogenated oil. And, I used A LOT.

Now I use all natural peanut butters. I don’t always use plain peanut butter though- I am IN LOVE with anything by Peanut Butter & Co. Most of their peanut butters have added sugars, but at least the label actually says “sugar” and it’s always further down the list. I switch up using the fun flavored kinds with plain peanut butter.

I also watch the amount of PB I use as well.  If I know I have lunch or dinner plans out later in the day, I might actually measure out a tablespoon of the PB to make sure I don’t go overboard. I looooove PB and it’s easy for me to go overboard 🙂 I’m not alone there, right???

Then there’s the banana. Not a lot has changed with the banana. I don’t usually buy organic because it’s not necessary for organic bananas. They’re just low in pesticides anyway- thank goodness!

This morning’s brekfast was two slices of light wheat bread, with 2 TBLS of “The Bee’s Knees” peanut butter (my favorite flavor), half a banana and a cup of soymilk. I’d been on an almond milk kick lately, but am briging the soy milk back for a bit. Not sure why- I just like to change things up, ya know?

The best thing about breakfast this morning is that my jar of PB is almost gone…which means Overnight Oats in a Jar! Yay! I’ll fill that jar up tonight and have it for breakfast tomorrow. Mmm…

One of my favorite parts of my “getting ready for work” routine is watching Today on NBC. I love Matt Lauer and Ann Curry. I like getting caught up on world news and checking out the news around the US as well. Someday I want to go to NYC and be one of the annoying people in the audience outside waving and holding a sign. Haha. Someday…

Kitty Update

I’ve finally decided on a name for my kitty cat and it’s not one I had been thinking of before, but it just works.


She’s so little and spunky that she just looks like a Teeny Tina to me. She was chilling on this awesome Ikea chair while I ate breakfast and watched Today. Say “hi” Tina! 🙂 Say “talk to you tomorrow friends.”

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