Some Silliness

Happy Thursday!

I was in a weird mood yesterday morning- I had been so stressed about our kitchen (and the mess left by our maintenance dept) that I tossed and turned all night. I overslept and didn’t work out. Boo. But, I got over it. It’s hard for me to stay angry long. Just to prove that to you, I took these silly pictures before work. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

I think I like the bottom one the best. Haha!

Since I didn’t wake up in time to go running, I decided to fit in a Jillian workout when I got home from work. I’m really trying to workout at least every other day. I want to be riiipppped! 🙂


I put my budgeting skills in to use again yesterday and stopped to buy a footlong sub at Subway. I had half for lunch yesterday and I’ll have the other half today. For the rest of my snacks today, I’m bringing this yummy assortment of food:

I made overnight oats in my Mighty Maple peanut butter jar, which I’m very excited to eat. I also have some cherry tomatoes at work. Gotta get the fresh veggies in!

What are some of the snacks you bring to work? I usually bring fresh fruit, yogurt, Luna bars and sometimes something salty like wheat thins or other crackers.

Almost Friday! Have a super awesome fantastical day 😉

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4 thoughts on “Some Silliness

  1. Fun post! I always take fresh fruit and some nuts with me to work to snack on. Rice thins with avocado and tuna are also a great snack, but a bit harder to eat on the go. I am dying to try Chobani banana and strawberry flavour! We don’t seem to have it in Australia 😦

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