A Non-Cocktail

Hi Everyone! You made it to the middle of the week. Yay! I don’t know about you, but I’m dragging. I think my weekend is still catching up with me. I’m such an old lady now. Ha.


Yesterday morning I did get up and go for a run. I was actually excited about it. I want to get BETTER and UP my mileage. The race is only a month away now, so I have a lot or serious training to fit in. I ran/walked 1.5 miles in 15:5o. Not great, but I did run most of the time, so I’m getting better. I definitely want to try and run/walk two miles this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I plan on buying some serious running shoes on Saturday. I’m debating between two different stores: PR Running and CitySports. I like PR Running because my boss has gotten their running shoes there and said the employees work hard to find you the best fitting shoes. CitySports has a good reputation as well, plus I have a coupon and they’re having a sale. Not that price should be my only reasoning- I definitely want a good pair, so I avoid injuries. But,if I can get a good pair for a little less, that would be super! LOL

After my run yesterday morning, I did about 20 minutes of yoga. This little kitty would not leave me alone; I think she wanted to do yoga too!

Laying on the mat, right by my face, made it difficult to do some yoga. She’s so cute though. Do you notice how red I am? That’s how red I get while running. Lovely. LOL


Monday night I made a fun little drink that I thought I’d share with you. I didn’t really even make it, I just put it in a fancy glass to make it look like it was something much more fun. Looks are deceiving, people! 😉

How tasty does this look? Here’s what it is:

Trader Joe’s Low Calorie Pink Lemonade. Yum! I put it in a wine glass with ice and a strawberry on the rim. The lemonade is delicious and serving it in a fun way made it seem more like a treat than just a glass of lemonade. Sometimes presentation is everything.

Have a great Wednesday!

Any recommendations for where I should buy my running shoes?

Do you serve regular food in a fancy way to make it seem more special? Or is it just me? 😉

P.S. I hope you’re all seeing the finished version of this post- Teeny walked across my laptop and managed to hit “publish” while I was eating breakfast. Crazy cat!!

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