All Kinds of Health

It’s Wednesday- and that means it’s halfway through the week for us 9-5ers. Friday is just around the corner 🙂 Friday is extra special this week because it’s my company’s summer trip to Six Flags New England. I love roller coasters and any fun rides. My favorite ride at Six Flags is the Mind Eraser. It’s a suspension coaster, which is my favorite type. When my feet dangle, I feel like I’m flying.

Along with entrance to the park, we get a BBQ lunch- my fave! I definitely think that BBQ is my favorite type of food. Probably followed by Chinese. Haha. All the healthy stuff…

What’s your favorite type of food?


My workout was a bust today. I stayed up until Midnight watching the Olympics, which was totally worth it, but couldn’t wake up to work out. I got to see Phelps get his 19th Gold Medal, which broke the record for most medals of any Olympian. I also watched the girls gymnastics team win Gold- I totally cried 🙂 The “Fab Five” was amazing.

Michael Phelps poses on the podium during the


U.S. Women's Gymnastic Team, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross


I’m going to try and work out tonight after after work. 🙂

All Kinds of Health

Here at PjsAndYogaPants I try and document my honest attempts at keeping myself healthy and getting even healthier. Being physically fit and eating well is a huge part to overall health, but it’s not all. Taking care of your mental health is important as well. I definitely go through stressful times, but I find ways to get through and end up stronger.

An other aspect of your health is sexual health. Did I scare you by saying that? Well it’s true! Why do you think the “50 Shades of Gray” books are doing so well? Sexual health is an important part of overall health. According to WebMd, sexual intercourse relieves stress, boosts immunity, burns calories, improves heart health, boosts self-esteem and improves intimacy. Some pretty good benefits!

Saturday night my roomie and I hosted a nighttime novelty party, run by Devin from Slumber Parties, Inc. The products are all about enhancing fun and romance in the bedroom. Now you  might think this was a raunchy, dirty party, but it was nothing of the sort. This party was done right, so it was informative and tasteful. It was also a ton of fun!

The group of girls at my house were great and I think everyone made some good purchases 🙂

This isn’t necessarily what I bought. I just liked it. LOL

The night also included some tasty food! Thank you Trader Joe’s brownie mix. All you do is stir in a container of fat free vanilla yogurt.

Remember those fun umbrella straws and cute napkins from my Foodie Pen Pal? Yup, those went to good use!

Thanks,Devin, for a great party!

Have a fantastic day everyone!

Do you like theme parks?

Any other types of health that are important to you?

8 thoughts on “All Kinds of Health

  1. Steph, you look awesome!! The brownie mix – I’m going to purchase some this week-end and make Daddy a nice treat!

  2. Do I like theme parks?? No way, not unless they have a Merry Go Round and a few other kiddie rides. The only “scary” ride I like is “The Scrambler” and even that scares me now that one fell apart a few years back and killed someone. So, I’ll stick to the Merry Go Round or nothing! (Actually, even a Merry Go Round could kill someone if a horse fell off its track and threw someone under the ride. How Gory, right??)

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