Lunch and Dinner and a Run

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a good start to the week. My Monday was good for two reasons:

1. I started my new schedule at work. One week I work 45 hours and the next week I work only 35 and I have Friday off. Every other Friday off will be awesome, especially during the summer. Hopefully I end up with nice days and will make it to the beach! Adding an hour to my work day will be hard, but I know I’ll get used to it fast.

2. I bought a Groupon for a yoga studio! 10 classes for $45. Not bad. I’ve been dying to do some yoga, so I can’t wait to start. I hope to make it to a class this weekend or definitely next week. The studio is called Breathe Wellness and along with yoga, they offer guided meditation classes, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, massages and personal training. I’m really excited to check them out. Maybe I’ll book a hot stone massage too… 😉


Dinner last night was a la Trader Joes. I had a spinach, fontina cheese and garlic chicken sausage with some brussel sprouts.The brussel sprouts came in a microwavable bag, which I didn’t even realize, so they only took 3 minutes to cook. I had planned on roasting them, but they were still good when paired with the sausage.

Today’s Lunch

Well, it’s not really just lunch, it’s all my work food. That’s what I’ll call it from now on. 🙂

For work today, I have orange pepper slices with Mini Heirloom Tomatoes, raspberries and strawberries, leftover sweet potato lentil stew, and vanilla Greek yogurt. I also have an orange and hard boiled egg in case I need more food. Now that I’m there longer, even if only an hour, I want to make sure I have lots of healthy options to eat.


I was out the door at 4:57 am this morning to go for my run. It was a mostly good, but also annoying run. I went the same route I mapped out last week. In the first 30 seconds, my house key fell out of my pocket. It was one of those moments where I heard it fall, but was getting in the zone, listening to music, so I just assumed the noise was a stick or something. About 45 seconds later I realized my key was gone, so I had to turn around and find it. Not a great start.

Then, my sports bra last week left a big cut in my shoulder. I wore my best one today and it re-cut the same spot. I don’t know how I will manage 4 miles if running only one mile does this to my shoulder. 😦

Other than my key and shoulder, then run went pretty well. I definitely got myself to run slower, so I was able to do more running and less walking. I used my new MapMyRun app and it said I went 1.16 miles in 11:31. I think some of the extra mileage and time was when I was looking for my key; I forgot to hit pause.

For training though, I don’t’ know whether it’s better to keep up my faster pace and walk more or to run slower, but with less walking. Any runners out there with some thoughts?

The Miles Over the Moon race is only 5 weeks away and I’m afraid I won’t be able to run for more than a mile!

I had also planned on doing my 30 Day Shred DVD, but the batteries in my TV remote died and I couldn’t change the source from TV to DVD. Major fail.

Hopefully my day gets a little better! I hope you all have great days too.

Do you pack food for work?

How should I train for this race?

4 thoughts on “Lunch and Dinner and a Run

  1. For your very first race, I would not worry at all about your time, or if you run the whole time or not….the main goal should be just to finish. My very first race was in Manchester, New Hampshire (you were only 3 years old then), and I lined up at the very back of the race and ran how I felt. I ended up passing many runners and ended up finishing somewhere in the middle of the pack. Not bad for the first race. So don’t worry about anything except finishing. And even if you don’t finish, at least you tried. Every race you run thereafter, will be better and better. No SWEAT!!

  2. I had the small dilemma when I ran the half because so many training programs incorporated sprint running days, which I didn’t care about. I think the key is to run slower so you get into a nice groove and can finish, Good luck!

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