Groupons are Great

Good morning! Wow, I’ve been gone for two weeks- phooey. Both of my jobs have been super busy, so when I get home finally, all I want to do is veg on the couch with my Kindle or The Voice. Even with all the working, I’ve been having a lot of fun this month and … Continue reading

Happy Halloween and Foodie Penpal Reveal Day

Happy Halloween Everyone! Halloween is my favorite holiday- what’s not to love about candy, costumes and parties? 🙂 I don’t really like scary things at all, but I think Halloween can be fun even without scary things. My office at work is all decorated: Festive, right? Just wait till you see all my Christmas decorations! … Continue reading

Power Breakfast

Hi everyone! It’s Saturday and I’m posting…weird. LOL. I cannot believe how tired I was yesterday. I worked for 17 days in a row and yesterday was my first day off. I wanted to post, but I was pretty useless. I even took 3 naps! Seriously. Anytime I did something, I immediately needed a nap … Continue reading

Almost Yoga

Good morning and happy Monday. I know, I know- Mondays stink. But, we all have to try and be positive and make the best of every day. And since I wanted to start the week off right, I got up this morning to do my Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD. Yay! It’s been so long … Continue reading

What Motivates You?

Hi Everyone- I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back today. Working two jobs has left me pretty tired and my exercise routine has not been as consistent as it used to be. Since I’ve been so busy and tired, and there are probably lots of you who are also busy and tired, I … Continue reading

Five for Friday and the Wedding Recap

Happy Friday, people! I have a lot to tell you so I’ll start with the recap of my friend’s wedding. It was beautiful! First, I have to thank Kara, Corey and Karen for letting me borrow some of their pictures. Most of mine either came out terrible or I totally forgot to take them. Oi! … Continue reading

Foodie Penpal Reveal Day

Hi Everyone! Wow, the wedding I was in this past weekend was totally amazing. Even though I was only a bridesmaid, the event left me exhausted and so I’ve laid low the past couple of days. It was truly one of the best weddings I’ve been to and I can’t be happier for my friends, … Continue reading

Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m especially excited for this weekend to start because one of my best friends, Kara, is getting married. I’m even lucky enough to be in her wedding. Her Bachelorette Party was last Saturday night and it was a total blast. It started out at the house of one of the girls where we … Continue reading

Time Management

Hi Everyone! What have you all been up to? I’ve been trying to take advantage of any time I have at home; I’ve been cooking, baking, reading, de-stressing and working out. I’m feeling pretty good these days 🙂 I’ve been working a lot and making extra money. Most of it I’m putting towards bills and … Continue reading