So What Is That Drink?

Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week for us “9-5ers.” Yippee!

So remember this mysterious drink from yesterday’s post?



It’s a new drink that I’m going to try and have every morning. The recipe/idea came from an awesome blog I follow, Food Babe.

The drink is: lemon and cayenne pepper in water.

Sounds weird, huh?


It tastes weird too. But…

According to Vani, at Food Babe, this drink is an awesome way to start the day. It will stimulate your liver to help detox your body and the cayenne will help ramp up your metabolism. Check out her whole article.

For the past three days, I’ve made this water at work with a couple of my work friends. We share the lemons and cayenne and my friend Christine even brought in cute bendy straws for us to use.

Me and Christine (with all the ingredients!)


I’m excited to add this to my morning routine. I’m already getting more used to the flavor and hopefully I’ll see some benefits from this in the coming months.

Have you started any healthy habits recently or have any habits you’ve been doing for a long time? Please share! Another healthy habit that I almost always do is washing my face before bed. I want to wash all the makeup and pollutants (from the air) off and let my skin breathe.

Have a great day 🙂

6 thoughts on “So What Is That Drink?

  1. Yikes, that sounds very strange, but hey, who knows until it’s tried, right? I wonder if it would clear my sinuses once and for all?? 🙂

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