Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to 2013. I’m ready for this year to begin- I have a feeling it’s going to be great. 2012 was a really big, really tough year for me, but I learned so much.

I learned about heartbreak. It’s the worst. It’s true though, eventually hearts heal.

I learned that I can accomplish my goals when I really try! Like going from no running to my 4 miler in 6 weeks!

I learned that sometimes I need to make sacrifices to stay ahead of the game.

And that sometimes unexpected happiness comes from those sacrifices, like new skills and good friends.


Some people are anti-New Years resolutions, but I’m not. As long as you make really specific goals, then I think they’re a great idea. I mean, who doesn’t have things in life that they need to improve?? Superman maybe? LOL

Last year I made two resolutions: keep my room clean and floss my teeth more often.

Check out my room!

2013-01-01_10-45-42_641 (767x1024)

Not bad for New Year’s morning, huh? Can you see Teeny laying on my coat?? 🙂

And the floss!

2013-01-01_10-46-24_657 (768x1024)

Right in my medicine cabinet, so I remember to do it.

Yay! See, resolutions can work!

For 2013, I have two resolutions:

  1. Write two posts a week. I loooove my blog and I’ve missed writing here. I have to get better at balancing my time.
  2. Run one of those crazy obstacle races, like the Spartan Race. Most of these races are in the summer/fall, so I have time to find friends to do it with me and maybe so some training?? Eek!

So what are your resolutions?

Breakfast Today

Since it’s the start of a brand new year, I wanted my first meal to be something nice and healthy. We won’t count the 3AM run to McDonald’s earlier as my first meal of 2013…ok? 🙂

Weird combo, but it was delicious and already prepped!

2013-01-01_10-00-57_75 (1280x960)

Sweet potato fries and tri-color pepper slices. I made everything yesterday- I love when I think ahead! 🙂

I wish a happy, happy start to your year! See you later this week! Promise 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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