Beer and Apple Crisp: Possibly the Best Combo Ever.

Hi again! Surprised I’m back so soon? 😉

Before I get to my main post, I want to take a sec to thank Tiffany over at Domesticated Academic for my package of goodies that I won on her blog. Look at this cute stuff:

The spatula says, “Be A Good Cookie.” Love it! And the measuring spoons have smiley faces on them. Yay!

Beer and Apple Crisp Adventures

I want to tell you about an adventure I went on at the end of October with my friend Sam. I call it an adventure because even though we knew our final destination, we pretty much did the rest of our trip by the seat of our pants. We work together at the restaurant and decided to take a day off to use one of my…wait for it…Groupons! (Read all about my love for Grouopns on yesterday’s post.)

The Groupon was for a brewery tour and two keepsake pint glasses at Pioneer Brewing Company in Sturbridge, MA. Sturbridge is a little over an hour away, so it felt like a mini road trip. Since we serve breakfast all day long at the restaurant, we decided to go out for brunch and enjoy some good breakfast food. On the drive, Sam Yelped (as in, went to and searched) breakfast restaurants in Sturbridge and found Churchill’s Village Eatery. By the time we got there, we were starving!

The menu was big and we were so hungry we couldn’t decide what to get. We both ended up ordering Eggs Benedict, mine with canadian ham and Sam’s with breakfast sausage. I thought we needed something sweet too, so the waitress recommended a cinnamon roll griddled with butter…umm, yes please!

Look at this spread!

Amazingly delicious! Definitely stop in if you’re ever in Sturbridge.

After brunch, we stoppped in a wine and chocolate shop and then to a Yankee Candle outlet. We made some purchases and then headed to the brewery.

We found the Pioneer Brewing Company and it turns out that it’s on an apple orchard. Random, but cool. Here’s my geeky self in front of the brewery.

We went right to the bar to try some beer.

We tried their American Lager, Honey Ale and their Belgian-styel Ale. Here’s the Honey Ale- so pretty 🙂

Love the glasses!

We got so caught up drinking and watching football that the bartender had to tell us that the tour had started without us. Haha!  The tour was quick, but fun and then we were back to football and beer in the bar.


(I could NOT get the red eye out- GRR!)

OK, since this post is getting long, I’ll have Part 2 tomorrow with the rest of our adventure and the apple crisp recipe.

Have a great day!

Have you ever been on a brewery tour or are there ones you want to visit? I want to go to the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston soon.

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