Power Breakfast

Hi everyone! It’s Saturday and I’m posting…weird. LOL. I cannot believe how tired I was yesterday. I worked for 17 days in a row and yesterday was my first day off. I wanted to post, but I was pretty useless. I even took 3 naps! Seriously. Anytime I did something, I immediately needed a nap after.

I’m working at the restaurant today and want to show you the power breakfast I made. My shift starts at 9 and I probably won’t eat until about 4, so breakfast had to be good.


I made a breakfast sandwich with two scrambled eggs, shredded cheese and bbq sauce (yum) on wheat toast. I had some pepper slices on the side and a big glass of water.

I’m full, but I’m glad it was a healthy, protein filled meal.

I got to enjoy my Autumn centerpiece too!


Pretty flowers from Trader Joe’s and a cute Halloween candle topper. The pumpkins light up when the candle is lit.

So what do you eat when you need a “power” breakfast?

2 thoughts on “Power Breakfast

  1. Yum! I’m glad you had a good day off and a nice fulfilling breakfast! I am curious though – what are property slices? Is it a brand I don’t know or a typo? LOL. Just curious! We should get MEL’s together some morning SOON! xoxo

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