Almost Yoga

Good morning and happy Monday. I know, I know- Mondays stink. But, we all have to try and be positive and make the best of every day.

And since I wanted to start the week off right, I got up this morning to do my Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown DVD. Yay!

It’s been so long since I did yoga, my mat wouldn’t even unroll all the way. 😦  Teeny tried to help.

So, I started the workout and was psyched that I got up at 5am on a Monday and was actually working out…but I started to not feel so good. Then I remembered my Sunday evening.

It may or may not have involved my friend Sam, two football games, Domino’s Cheesy Bread and this:

Lots of beer. She brought over some Sam Adams Octoberfest and man, it is good. I also drank some Shipyard Pumpkinhead. Mmm, my fave!

Attempting Downward Dog, while slightly hungover and nauseous, does not work. Ugh.

It ended up like this:

She had the right idea this morning 😉

At least I tried! I did last for, like, five minutes. LOL. There’s always tomorrow. Just gotta eat right today to make up for all my boozefacing and cheesy bread-eating. Hee hee.

I’m going to a Metal concert tonight, so maybe I’ll burn some calories while headbanging…

Have a great day!

Did you work out today?

Who’s your favorite football team? I’m a New England Patriots girl! Woohoo!



2 thoughts on “Almost Yoga

  1. Hey Steph, easy does it on the beer on a Sunday night silly!! At least you have a sense of humor about it! Your cat is always so hilarious – sitting & lying all over everything! She is definitely cute! What a riot! Have fun at the concert. I Love you very much! Daddy says hi too!

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