What Motivates You?

Hi Everyone- I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back today.

Working two jobs has left me pretty tired and my exercise routine has not been as consistent as it used to be. Since I’ve been so busy and tired, and there are probably lots of you who are also busy and tired, I tried to think of the things in life that motivate me to stay healthy.

Friends and Family

What’s more fun than working out with friends?

Besides being fun to work out with, my friends are some of the healthiest people I know. Diana (above) has a toddler, but still works out and makes  healthy recipes for her family. My roomie, Em, teaches Spin and is always willing to try out my baking concoctions. My dad bikes and my mom does work out DVDs.

I like surrounding myself with friends and family who have similar health values and support me.

Magazines and Books

Boy, I do love me some magazines. Magazines are a great place to find new workouts, recipes and tips to improve my performance.

Whole Living and Shape are two of my faves.

Although I hated science in high school, I’m much more interested in it now. I wanted to go back to school and get my Masters to be a Registered Dietician, but, uhh, it would cost a ton of money and I just don’t want any more school loans. So instead of going back, I read books that include a lot of scientific info and research.



This motivator is tricky because, obviously, nice weather is much more motivating than lousy weather. But, I feel great when I get up on a dark, rainy day and work out. On a nice day though, I could never sit inside and not go out and get some fresh air.

Easy to workout day:

Not as easy:

As long as it’s not snowing out, I should be able to get my butt outside 🙂


It’s so much more fun to go and try on the new season’s styles when I feel good about my body.  I don’t mean that I expect to be a size 0 and look like a fashion model. It’s about being able to have fun and feel good about myself.

Feelin’ sassy in my cute work outfit:


We know I’m a goal setter, hence my Five for Friday posts. Goals help keep me focused and remembering what I want to accomplish. And, come on, it’s so fun to cross of items on a list, right??? Love it!

I totally wouldn’t have run a race if I hadn’t just gone online and registered for one. Then I HAD to train. LOL


Me! I’m my biggest motivator. If I didn’t want to be healthy for me, I would never stick to it. I’m worth it, baby. And so are you!

So, come on and tell me. What motivates you to workout and eat well?

5 thoughts on “What Motivates You?

  1. My biggest motivator’s are listening to some great music and letting off steam and having some ‘me’ time! Although being w/friends is awesome too! I love me some magazines as well but I like reading about celeb gossip :-p

  2. Aww, thanks for the name drop! Having awesome friends, family, and a ROOMIE definitely motivate me! But, also looking cute in new clothes 🙂

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