Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’m especially excited for this weekend to start because one of my best friends, Kara, is getting married. I’m even lucky enough to be in her wedding.

Her Bachelorette Party was last Saturday night and it was a total blast. It started out at the house of one of the girls where we enjoyed lots of wine, sangria and yummy snacks. An adult novelty party may have also taken place 😉

Around 7 pm, a limo picked us up to go in to Boston. Our destination was the Back Bay Social Club. The food was supposed to be amazing, so we were all excited to get there.

Bride to Be!

I didn’t snap many photos, since I was many drinks in and hungry. Haha. The food was delicious, but the restaurant was incredibly loud and dark. I mean so dark that we all had to hold our lit up phones by the menu in order to read it. Mood lighting is one thing, but I think they were just trying to save on electricity.

The Social Burger:

Ok, this sucker was $22. Pretty sure that’s the most expensive burger I’ve ever had, but it was wicked good. Look at all the cheese! A ridiculous amount of fries though- I didn’t even get through a quarter of them.

At the end of the night, some girls at the bar who knew some of the girls in our party bought our table a round of shots. Unfortunately, we’d all been drinking since about 3pm and it was now around 10:30, so none of us could stomach the shot. I took a little sip and it was definitely something grapefruit flavored.  A pretty pink color too!

Me and Kara:

I love her!!!

So, needless to say, I’m super excited and honored to be in her wedding. I’ll try and get some fun pics to post on Monday 🙂

5 for Friday

My last 5 for Friday post was two weeks ago. I just wasn’t able to get to it last week. I actually did a good job on most of my goals though!

1. Work out 4 times- success! I mixed a nice combo of DVDs and a game of tennis with a friend. #feelintheburn

2. Go for a run- fail. I just didn’t make it out for a run. Clearly, I need to sign up for another race.

3. Buy a veggie I’ve never bought before. Yucca Root! It was weird looking, but really tasty 🙂

4. Make mix cds for my friends. Done, for the most part. I have a few more to make, but I got some out anyway.

5. Drink more water. Yes, I’ve been drinking more water. More alcohol too…but still more water 😉

For Next Friday:

1. Finish the book I borrowed from a friend. I need to give it back by Monday, so it’s going to be a close call!

2. Budget my money. I have the wedding this weekend and lunch/dinner plans with three different friends next week, so I want to be smart and not be totally broke by Friday.

3. Work out 4 times. I’m going for it again. If I work out tomorrow before the rehearsal, then I just need three more during the rest of the week. I can do it, right?

4. Drink a cup of tea every day. Tea is full of antioxidants, a tiny bit of caffeine and keeps me warm in my freezing cold office. It’s really a win-win and I want to start drinking more of it.

This flavor was delicious.

5. Blog three times next week. I miss blogging every day, but I can only balance so much. I definitely want to hit three, but maybe I can do even more!

Have you ever been in a wedding? Was it a good experience or bad? This will be the 2nd wedding I’m in and I’m lucky that both have been fun!

Do you drink tea or are you a coffee person? I love the smell of coffee and love coffee ice cream too, but don’t give me a cup of coffee. I don’t like the flavor and the caffeine makes me sick (shakes, stomach ache, headache…). Tea please! 🙂

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