New Music and Breakfast On the Go

Good morning. Hope you are all having a good week. My week is fantastic because one of my favorite bands, The Avett Brothers, released their new album yesterday. Their music is a really cool mix of country, bluegrass, rock and folk. I’m going to see them live this Sunday night- perfect way to end the Summer.


The new album is called The Carpenter and I’m in love with it.ย  Their lyrics are incredible; they know how to say all the feelings and thoughts that I can’t describe. I’ll be listening to a song and go, “Oh! That’s what I’ve been trying to say!” At Target this week, the album is on sale for only $9.99 and it has 2 bonus tracks; I bought the cd there yesterday and have had it on repeat ever since. ๐Ÿ™‚

They performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night. Here’s the video. Also, two of the members, Scott and Seth Avett, are featured in a GAP commercial performing their new song “Live and Die.”

I highly recommend checking them out.


Wednesday Morning

This morning I got myself out of bed and did the 6 Week Six-pack DVD again. I started using my 5 lb. weight, instead of my 3 lb one for the DVD.ย  I need to step it up. Jillian recommends 3-8lbs for the workout, so 5 is a good place for me.

I’ve now hit 3 workouts out of the 4 for my goal of the week- I must workout tomorrow!

Somehow I lost track of time after my shower this morning, so I had to bring a portable breakfast: Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar and half a banana. A little high in sugar, but quick and filling.

Also, I have to show you all the cutest mug I bought for tea. I love owls, so I about died when I found this at TJ Maxx recently.

How awesome is this mug?? I love it! If I get too stressed at work, I should just take a sip of tea and laugh at the all the owls.ย  It’s the little things, people ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Are there any albums coming out soon that you’re excited for? I can’t wait for the new Green Day album, which is being released as 3 separate cd’s over the next few months. So cool!

What are some portable foods you take for breakfast on the go?

3 thoughts on “New Music and Breakfast On the Go

  1. I absolutely love the owl mug girl!!!! I so want one! I’ll be hitting up my local TJ Maxx very soon! I found the sweetest owl tattoo I’d love to get one day but it’s pretty big and so of course will be pretty pricey! It will be a perfect side tatt once I’m all lean & trim someday…. ๐Ÿ™‚

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