A Confession and Some Steak

Hello out there!

I’ve missed blogging so much the past few days. I have some news that I debated sharing with you, but I decided I will. I like being honest and this news might impact my blogging.

Last week, I started a second job. Between my rent going up, student loans, the loan for my Lasik surgery and all the other expenses that life brings, money is just getting too tight for my liking.

I worked all weekend and even on Labor Day. Goodbye social life. 😦

Honestly though, I’m trying to be positive about the whole thing. I’m working at a restaurant as a hostess and food runner and I’ve already met a bunch of nice people and I’ve been getting a little fitness in walking around the restaurant all day. I did my first shift as a food runner on Saturday and my shoulders were sore on Sunday. Accidental arm/shoulder workout? Score!

This job is definitely the best decision I’ve made in a while. I hate debt, even though it’s a part of life; I don’t want it ruining my life though or getting too overwhelming.

The downside to working a second job, besides giving up my weekends, is that I’ve been really tired. I’m sure my body will get used to this new schedule, but as of now, I’m still dragging a bit. I haven’t worked out in a week. I tried to get up this morning, but my body just said no. And you know what, I think I really needed the sleep. As long as a watch my diet, my weight should stay under control. I will start getting workouts in soon 🙂  And I still have my 3 miles to run!

The job might impact my blogging as well because a) I’ve been tired and b) I didn’t really do much over the weekend but work and sleep, so I didn’t have a lot to blog about.

Please keep checking back and keep me motivated! I want to keep working out and writing to you all- don’t let me get lazy. 😉

I would say giving up my weekends is out of my comfort zone. I’ll make this work! 🙂

In other news…


For dinner last night I made a delicious steak with sauteed peppers and onions. I still didn’t break out the Foreman Grill because I was too lazy tired to read the instructions and clean it off.

Steak with Peppers and Onions

Serves 2

1/2 lb. (or a little more) grass fed top round steak

1/2 onion

1/2 each of colored pepper of your choice (I had yellow and red on hand)

1 tsp. minced garlic

1/2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp soy sauce

salt to taste

Cut up the peppers and onions in to thin strips. Heat oil, garlic and soy sauce in a pan over medium heat for about two minutes, then add the peppers and onions. Stir every couple of minutes for about 10 to 15 minutes. I went closer to 15 minutes because I wanted the veggies nice and soft. Once the peppers and onions are done, set them aside and spray the pan with some cooking spray. Put your steak on and sprinkle with salt. Cook to desired temperature.

I like my steak medium rare, so I only needed about 2 minutes on each side.

I subbed one of the last Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheats for a starch.


Have I mentioned that I’m a big dork?

Best part? I have leftovers for dinner tonight! Woohoo!

Have a great day!

Have you had to work more than one job before?

How do you like your steak cooked?

And just for fun, check out Teeny. She’s addicted to hiding under her scratchy board:

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