5 For Friday

It’s Friday! Yay! It’s my day off from work and I haven’t done too much, but trust me, I’m not complaining. The only lousy part of the day is that I wanted to spend most of it at our pool, but it’s closed 😦 Not cool.

What was cool was my morning trip to a weird store called Ocean State Job Lot. All the Massachusetts people reading must know what this place is, right? It’s got all sorts of discounted items like groceries, clothes, housewares, makeup and everything else you could think of. It’s like a a dingy TJ Maxx. I’ve gotten some really nice towels and sheets there, but the best section is the groceries.

I got all this for wicked cheap:

They carry all kinds of organic and specialty food for so cheap. If any of you MA-ers didn’t know about this place, I definitely recommend it for groceries!

I’m currently brewing some of the that Vanilla Nut Creme tea for iced tea. I think it will be delicious on ice with some almond milk πŸ™‚ I’m also excited for the Teddie PB for only $3.59- it’s definitely like $4-$5 at all the grocery stores near me.

My crazy cat, Teeny Teena, was happy this morning because she had a big, plastic bag to climb in and lick.

She’s such a weirdo.

Five for Friday

Let’s see how I did on my five goals for the week:

1. Cook something not containing chicken. Fail. I made slow cooker chicken tacos. But, this is my grocery shopping week (a.k.a pay week) so I’m definitely buying some steak or shrimp.

2. Make it to boot camp 3 times. Also a fail. I was sick though and I hurt my back at class on Tuesday night. I”m currently sitting on the couch with the heating pad on me.

3.Β  Go on a 3-mile run. Since I was sick and hurt my back, I couldn’t get to this either. 😦

4. Paint my toes. Also a fail! Wow, I suck.

5. Throw an awesome bridal shower. Success!!! It was great!!!

Well, I only made one of my five goals for the week. Pretty lame. Here’s my new list for the week.

1. Cook something not containing chicken. I’m going shopping, so this will happen, I promise πŸ™‚


2. Make it to boot camp 2 times. I’m not doing those scary back moves from last time though.

3. Go on a 3 mile run. I am going to do this, damn it!

running running running

4. Schedule an appt. with my chiropractor. It’s been a while and I want to stay aligned and loose.

5. Finish Bossypants. I have a lot of other books I need to read!

How did you do on your goals or plans for the week? I wish I had gotten more of mine done, but I just have to go with the flow sometimes.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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