So I Skipped My Workout

Yup, I was supposed to go to my boot camp last night, but I didn’t.

I even made a quick, delicious dinner to fuel me before the workout.

Not the prettiest dinner, but tasty. Once Amy’s All American Veggie Burger on top of kale and left over green beans with a little Stubbs Mild BBQ Sauce drizzled on it. Stubbs is the best BBQ sauce!

I had every intention to go to boot camp, but then I kept thinking about all the things at home I wanted to take care of. I hate messes and incomplete jobs, etc. Don’t you? Or does that stuff not bother you so much?

I like my bedroom to be nice and clean and when I got home from work last night, it just wasn’t. There were clothes to put away, bed to be made and this little kitty made a big mess.

Cute right? Well she has a bunch of cardboard scratchy bed things, but when she scratches them, the cardboard pieces get all over the place. Hence my room was covered in cardboard shreds. Ack! Nothing the vacuum couldn’t take care of!

And remember how my kitchen flooded a couple weeks ago? Well ever since then my roomie and I have been having Maintenance issues from Hell. They had to come and tear apart our bathroom to get to our upstairs neighbors’ plumbing. Everything from our bathroom has been scattered around our house for almost two weeks. Ugh!

Well I went out and bought a new shower rack thing (don’t you love my great use of vocab?) for the shower and I’m so happy! It’s better than what we had before and now our shampoos and everything aren’t in the dining room anymore!

I bought the biggest one at Home Goods because, let’s face it, us girls have a lot of hair stuff 🙂

Along with all the house stuff I wanted to get done, I’ve had these babies waiting to be read:

I love magazines and I’ve been dying to sit, relax and read through them.

I’m not going to skip my workouts all week though, so here is my plan:

Tuesday- Total Body Shaping

Wednesday- 3 mile run

Thursday- Total Body Shaping

Friday- Total Body Shaping

Saturday- Off

Sunday- Yoga or something like it

Lastly, I have to tell you about this new song I’m totally obsessed with. I bought it on iTunes Sunday night.

“Some Nights” by fun. I heard the song in the car on Sunday and knew immediately that I had to buy it. The video is epic; I haven’t been in love with a video so much since “Jesus of Surburbia” by Green Day.

My poor roomie is probably going to kill me because I’ve been playing it on repeat nonstop. It’s so good! Teeny likes it too 🙂

Have you heard “Some Nights” yet? Are there any other new songs I need to hear? Tell me! 🙂

What are some of your favorite magazines to read?

2 thoughts on “So I Skipped My Workout

  1. I do not like a messy room but if i were to try to clean up the mess at my house before doing anything, I would not get to do anything. I too use the same vocab. Thingy and dohickie usually get used most often. Thanks for the new song. I am old so, I don’t listen to a lot of newer songs. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

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