Back to Monday

Hi Everyone. I am so not ready for it to be Monday. I forgot to take my allergy meds yesterday and slept with the windows open…meaning I woke up this morning all itchy, stuffy, puffy and dragging. Blah.

Wants to be in bed.


My weekend was great, but I was most excited about my friend Kara’s bridal shower. It was so fun and I’m pretty sure she had a great time.

I love the gift I made for her. It was a wine basket, but every bottle of wine represented a “marriage first.” The idea is to drink the bottle after each event. I had a bottle in there for moving in to their first house, first home improvement project, first road trip, adoption of their first kitty and their first anniversary. I put a cute little quote on each bottle and added some wine-themed kitchen towels to the basket as well.


I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped the basket, but I bet you can at least tell which bottles represent their first house and first kitty. I think my presentation was pretty rad ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a big loser and didn’t take any pictures at the shower. I was pretty busy drinking sangria setting up and sorting gifts, so I never even thought of it. Here’s a pic of the amazing cupcake spread (stolen from Kara’s future sis-in-law, Sari).

The cupcakes were made by a family friend and were sooooo delicious. There were chocolate “hostess” cupcakes, lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream and carrot cake cupcakes. I had a chocolate one and a lemon one. The chocolate covered strawberries were wonderful as well.

As for workouts, I totally vegged-out all weekend and didn’t do much in the fitness department. I should have to burn off some cupcakes, but I have plenty of workouts scheduled this week between a run and my boot camp classes.

Posting these pics has really made me crave some wine and a cupcake. Oops!

Have a great (allergy-free) day!

What’s your favorite kind of cupcake? For me, the more chocolate, the better!




2 thoughts on “Back to Monday

  1. The wine basket was a fantastic idea…what a perfect gift for a newlywed couple!!! I loved the “first” theme. Very clever! My favorite cupcake is definitely gold cake with milk chocolate frosting! Yummy! Oh, and drinking Sangria, huh? You little devil! Get that workout in, too!!! :). See you soon, xxoo Mommy

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