5 for Friday

It’s Friday! I’m so excited. I’ve been really busy this week and I’m looking forward to Sunday for some relaxation time 🙂

Last night I went to my second night of boot camp. I thought it was going to be upper body, but it was lower body and core again. I was really hoping for an arm workout, but it’s not like my legs don’t need it or anything 🙂

I bought these gloves at Dick’s Sporting Goods the other night, so at least I’m prepared for the upper body nights.

They’re men’s gloves and seem like they should protect my hands. They have some padding and leather- nice and tough. I’ll let you know how they work once I try them out.

The workout last night included a piece of equipment that seems so harmless, but really threw me for a loop.

A damn jump rope! I honestly don’t think I’ve used one since I was in 5th grade! Haha. I couldn’t even figure it out at first, but then I found my rhythm and was good for the rest of the class. Oh man…jump ropes.

5 for Friday

I’ve been hesitant to start any kind of regular, blog series, you know, like “What I Ate Wednesday” or any kind of post that repeats. I’m mostly hesitant because, well, I can be kind of ditzy and I’m afraid I’ll forget to post it or I won’t have anything to discuss related to the topic.

Recently though, I’ve been thinking about how much better I am at getting things done when I have a list and when there’s also a deadline. I decided on a new series called “5 for Friday” that is a list of 5 goals I want to accomplish by the next Friday. Sounds fun!

I don’t want these to be all fitness related or tough- I don’t want to dread my list. Just some things I’ve been meaning to do or some things I want to do better. Here’s my first 5 for Friday:

1. Cook something not containing chicken. I’m bored of chicken! I’m thinking of this one or this one. What do you think?


2. Make it to boot camp 3 times. It’s fun and I can sleep in!

3. Go on a 3-mile run. See, ever since I finished my race last month, I have barely run. I need a goal!

4. Paint my toes. But which color?

5. Help put on an awesome bridal shower for my friend Kara. She’s getting married in a month and I want her to shower to be so great!

Ok, so let’s see if I will complete my list by next Friday 🙂

Stay happy!

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