I tried Crossfit today!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m so excited to tell you that I finally got to try Crossfit this morning. And it was free! 🙂

It was my cousin’s 16th birthday yesterday and my aunt and uncle threw her a surprise birthday lobster bake. Super yum! Later in the night, while I was talking to my aunt, she told me she and my cousin were going to Crossfit in the morning and I just about died. I’ve been wanting to try it for so long! Turns out the box is called Crossfit Resilience and they’re brand new in Hopkinton; they’re doing free intro classes at a local park until the box is ready to open.

I wasn’t able to get pics, since it was my first time and I was waaaaay more concerned with not dying. LOL The guys from the box took a pic though and I’m in it! I’m on the far right next to one of the coaches.

Not gonna lie, my ass was thoroughly kicked. I found out my push-up form is all wrong and I have a really hard time with form on just about every move. Ugh. I can’t believe this was only an intro class though because it was so hard! We did two mini WODs (workout of the day), but the second one was the killer. We were in groups of three and all at once, each teammate was doing a different move. The three moves were burpees (which SUCK!!), push-ups and running through the parking lot. Two of us were doing the burpees or push-ups and the third was running. When the person running was done, we all switched moves. Hopefully, I did not run wicked slow and kill my two poor teammates…

We were supposed to keep track of our reps, but I was totally discombobulated and lost count. Oops!

Check out this pic. I think it’s totally true! I definitely worked on all of these this morning.

#Crossfit - Anti-Aging Drug

Overall, I loved it. I’m hoping to go again next week 🙂

Foodie Time

After Crossfit I went back to my Aunty Suzy’s house and she made me an amazing mocha protein shake. In it was chocolate protein powder, coconut milk and espresso. It was awesome. To top off my awesome morning, she let me leave with a ton of fresh veggies and two lobsters left over from the party last night! Thank you!

Lunch today was a delicious lobster roll, healthified.



Lunch, with shadows from the window blinds:

Lobster with light mayo on spinach and Ezekiel Sprouted bread. Sooooo delicious!!!

Ok, I’m off to buy some healthy groceries and run some errands. Happy Almost Weekend 🙂

Have you tried Crossfit? Thoughts?

7 thoughts on “I tried Crossfit today!

  1. congrats on your first crossfit adventure! I’ve just started this summer and I’m kind of addicted. It’s so nice to feel like you’re getting stronger. Seems like a good sign that you were worried about your teammates instead of yourself.

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