It’s Peanut Butter and Bagel Time!

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Bagel Time

Bagels. I love them. I really do. But, I rarely eat them. They’re just so big and so high in calories, before you even top the with anything, that I can just never get myself to do it. I will splurge on ice cream and other desserts though because, well, I love those foods way more. Haha.

The other reason I don’t eat bagels is because I just don’t stop at breakfast joints too often; breakfast at home is cheaper and I’m usually starving in the morning. Have you ever had the Cinnamon Sugar bagel at Einstein Bros though? Oh man, it’s sooooo delicious with butter. Umm…it looks something like this:

And now that I’ve talked written about bagels so much, I’ll probably go get one this weekend. That’s how I roll 😉

Earlier in the week, I was craving a bagel with cream cheese. I was going to Target anyway, so I thought I’d check out their section and see if I could find some good “light” ones. Let’s face it, some “light” versions of food are just not as good though. Let me tell you how excited I was when I saw this bag:

Thomas'® Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Mini Bagels

So I don’t think these are new, but I had never seen them. I mean, I knew about mini bagels, but not in the Cinnamon Raisin flavor! Those were always my favorite growing up because I love them with peanut butter! Peanut butter plus cinnamon and raisins is one of the best combos. Right? Anyone agree with me? I think cream cheese on one of these would be totally gross.

I’ve already eaten half the bag, I think. I had breakfast for dinner last night, which included one of these bagels smothered in peanut butter and some raspberries on the side. Delicious, filling and pretty healthy. These bagels only have 120 calories. The raspberries were perfectly ripe.

I was too excited to eat and forgot to snap a picture first. Haha!

And since it’s inevitable now that I’ll be getting a fancy bagel over the weekend, be sure to “LIKE” my Facebook page and watch out for a bagel picture. Possibly Instagram style.

Ok, that was a lot of talk about bagels. Sorry. I lost it there for a minute. Thinking about cinnamon raisin bagels reminds me of my childhood; it was a common breakfast for me. I’m missing some of my other childhood favorite foods, like:

Flintstone’s Push Up Pops- remember these? I always liked the cherry flavor the best!

I loved this cereal! I would let it get all soggy and it tasted like banana bread.

I know these are still around. Definitely a treat at the movies sometimes. 🙂

And I’m out. Off to Six Flags for some roller coaster action!

Are Push-Up pops and Banana Nut Crunch still around? I’ll have to check the grocery store next time.

What are some of the foods that remind you of your childhood?

3 thoughts on “It’s Peanut Butter and Bagel Time!

  1. I definitely want to try those mini cinni bagels. They sound great….and low calorie too! A dab of peanut butter on one sounds like a great mini meal! Oh and those Flinstone’s Pops, I remember buying you those – I forgot all about those!! I loved the orange flavor, I think….and I said I bought them for you??? Sure!
    How’s the running going? Come on, we need to get you training for a 5k soon! Love Mommy xxxx

  2. I’m getting all nostalgic with the push up pops too! I loved Banana Nut Bread cereal too. My fav cereal as a kiddie! Thank you for the 90’s nostalgia!

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