“Ted” Movie Review

You need to go see this movie.


Ted was so funny and totally entertaining for the entire film. It’s actually one of those great films that mixes comedy, romance, feel-goodness (I think I made this word up), raunchiness and suspense. How did that all happen in a movie about a guy and his living teddy bear?

Magic. That’s my only thought. This movie was magic.

The other great part about this movie is that it’s set in Boston, so a lot of the jokes and sites were Boston-related. You absolutely do not have to be from Boston to like the movie though- just an added bonus.

Also, did any of you ever watch the show Instant Star on The N? It was a show about a girl, Jude, who won a TV competition similar to American Idol. Well, I LOVE this show and totally watched it in college, even though it was for teens. Hee hee. The actress who played Jude’s sister, Sadie, was in Ted. She pops up randomly in movies and TV and I always get excited.

She’s the blonde one on the left; Jude is on the right. This show had the best soundtrack (I might own every season’s…)

Anyway…I was in such a good mood after the movie last night. I can’t wait until Ted is on BluRay.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with some regularly scheduled programming. 😉

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