The Big Day

Helloooooo Friday! It’s finally here! The work week after vacation is always so looooooong. I didn’t think Friday would ever get here.

And now that it’s Friday, you all know what that means…my race! Tonight is the Miles Over the Moon 4 Miler in Salem, MA. It is Friday the 13th, but hopefully it’s not too spooky up there in the witch town. LOL.

One of the requirements of the race is to wear reflective gear, since it will get dark as we run. I don’t own any, so I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods last night to buy some. I tried on some reflective slap bracelets, but they were uncomfortable. They didn’t flex at all and felt really tight on my writsts. I can’t believe slap bracelets are back!

I ended up getting a pair of anklebands, which are soft and flexible. I’ll let you all know how they worked/felt after the race.

My parents are picking me up from my house tonight and going up to the race with me. I think they’ll grab dinner, while I pick up my race packet. Did you just read that? I’m picking up MY RACE PACKET? I didn’t think I’d ever run and race, but here I am. LOL. Wooohoo!


I’m off to a good start today with a nice healthy breakfast. I had a bowl of bran flakes with almond milk and a fried egg on the side. I wanted to make sure I got more protein and stay full longer. No picture-I was still half asleep while I ate. 😉


Today at Starbucks, they are giving out free Tall Starbucks Refreshers from 12-3 pm. It’s a new drink that is a combination of juice, green coffee extract and ice. Apparently it’s like a caffinated iced fruity drink. I’m going on my lunch break today to check them out. Here’s a video  from explaining the drink. Let me know if you try one too! I hope it’s as good as it looks.

Wish me good luck tonight! I know all my friends and family will be cheering me on from all over the country! 🙂 Yay!!!

P.S. Becasue I’m a crazy cat lady, I’m making you look at this wicked cute picture of Teeny Tina from this morning while I was getting dressed for work. She’s too damn cute!

 Seriously. Look at her cute face. Hee hee.




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