Cherry Bomb: A Tequila Recipe

So I was totally going to start this post off with lyrics from Cherry Bomb by The Runaways-it’s such a fun song. After rereading the lyrics though, I decided against it because I’m not sure what kind of search traffic they would bring to the blog. LOL. It’s really not a dirty song at all, but the lyrics are juuuuust provocative enough that I’m going to skip them. You can check out the lyrics here! I think I’m actually going on iTunes tonight to buy the song 🙂

On the night of July 4th, my friends and I had a ton of fun playing games, watching the fireworks on TV and…drinking! Some nights just call for tasty drinks. A few weeks ago I started making a liqueur from a recipe I got from a past coworker. I’ll share the recipe with you in a bit 🙂

On Thursday, we went back and forth on what to do, but we decided since it was going to be the coolest day of their trip, it would be perfect for a day in Boston.  The day included Ben and Diana’s first trip on The T (Boston’s subway system- don’t call it the subway).

You can’t really tell, but we’re on The T here. I think we look like celebrities!

We made a stop by Fenway Park.

See us at the bottom???

Then we headed over to Newbury St. Diana has an awesome camera and took some cool pictures of the city.

Do you want to visit yet??? I hate the cold, so I’m rarely in the city during the winter. In the warm weather though, I love to go in all the time.

After all the walking and shopping we did, we were all starving. I used my favorite app, the Yelp app, to look up restaurants nearby. We decided on tapas at Bar Lola on Commonwealth Ave. My sangria was awesome! I managed not to snap any shots of the tapas though. Dope!

Don’t you love Diana’s tank top? So cute!

Cherry Bomb

Ok, time for the ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb.

It’s a really simple recipe, but really delicious and versatile.

1 1Liter bottle of tequila (no need to use top shelf)

1 lb cherries

1 c. sugar

Put everything in a pitcher or in a few mason jars. Keep in the fridge for a minimum of 3 weeks. Drink as a shot or mix in to a drink! Eat the cherries…if you dare. They pack a punch! I put the rest of the cherries in the freezer. 🙂

We all took a shot with one of the cherries on bottom of the glass. Later, I made frozen cherry bomb margaritas with the cherry bomb tequila and coconut rum blended with ice and topped off with Sprite. Delicioius!!!! That’s what we’re drinking in the first picture of this post.

Washable stainless steel straws because I love the environment!

Teeny is underage, so she couldn’t have any.

Aww, man!

Enjoy your Wednesday! My race is in 2 days! I’m so excited!

What other flavors would go with the cherry tequila? I’ve put it in hot chocolate and my friend who gave me the recipe put it in coffee. Yum!

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