What Does It All Mean?

The fridge is stocked…

The booze is stocked (more than normal)… 😉

The dishes are clean…

My bedroom is spotless…

The bears are gathered…

The carpets are vacuumed…

And there’s a new bouquet of flowers on the table…

What does it all mean?

Friends are visiting!!!

Diana and Ben are my favorite couple in the whole world! Diana was my BFF since Kindergarten, when she stole my lunchbox on the first day of school. To be fair, we had the same lunchbox, but she obviously knew my lunch was better 😉

They live in the mountains in North Carolina and they’re finally coming to visit me in the almost city! Hopefully the weather stays nice so we can make it in to see the Boston Pops and fireworks on the 4th. If not, we’ll put all the booze to good use…

It won’t be all fun and games though!

I wasn’t the slightest bit drunk here. Nope.

Diana has run races (yay!) and wants to go on a run with me. It will be so nice to have company and a good way to burn off some fun calories. I’m hoping to make her try a Jillian Michael’s DVD too (don’t tell her that though!).

Also, this meal and this bread are in Diana and Ben’s future 🙂

I hope you all have a great day and an even greater 4th of July!!! Go U.S.A!!!

P.S. I’m actually quite a neat-freak, so all the cleaning (made bed, vacuumed carpet, etc) is the norm! I was just extra crazy about cleaning in preparation of their visit. Don’t want any of you getting the wrong idea. LOL

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