A First!

Hi Everyone! It’s finally the WEEKEND! We made it!

Sorry I disappeared for the past couple of days; I try to post Monday-Friday, but this week at work was soooo busy that I was just too exhausted.

I don’t know why she looks so tired. I’m the one at work all day! Spoiled brat cat.

A First

Yesterday was my Friday off from work. I had a lot things on my to-do list because this Tuesday my BFF from Kindergarten and her hubby are coming to stay with me for a few days! Woohoo! I had to do some grocery shopping and some cleaning. The very first item on my to-do list though was a two mile run. I did a the Jillian Michael’s “No More Trouble Zones” DVD on Thursday night and I woke up really sore. That DVD is awesome, but I hadn’t done it in a loooong time. I did some stretches and headed out for the run. The weather was really overcast and looked like it might rain.

Now that I’ve run 1 mile with no stops, I want to keep that up and build on it. As I started to run, I noticed my legs felt tired and tight. I immediately doubted if I could make it the mile. I turned my music up and tried to distract myself from my legs. Also, since I just want to get better at running more and walking less, I kept reminding myself to watch my pace. Slow and steady is what I was going for. I even turned off the voice updates on my MapMyRun app because I didn’t want to know how fast I was going, I just wanted to listen to my body.

Time went by and suddenly I was back at my starting point- I’d run the mile with no stops!! I was so happy that I hadn’t psyched myself out that I decided to just keep running and see how long I could go. Right as I started mile 2, it started raining. Not pouring, but a hard drizzle. It actually felt pretty nice. Now I was definitely going to try to run the whole second mile. My race is two weeks away now, so this is the time to step it up.

Guess what? I did it!!! I ran 2 whole miles with no walking breaks or stops. The first time in my entire life I’ve run two miles without stopping!!! I felt so awesome!!! I’m still really proud of myself. A month ago I couldn’t run a mile without stopping, so I’m improving.

I was so happy when I got home, that I took this pic and Instragrammed it. LOL. That glisten is a nice combo of sweat and rain. I was actually pretty soaked from the rain, but it made me feel hardcore…something I am usually not. LOL

I’m really proud of myself for entering a race. Sometimes it’s so easy to get in a rut or just get used to doing the same things over and over. Hitting new milestones and seeing what my body can do when I put my mind to it is just so awesome and refreshing. Yes, Steph, you can run if you really try.  🙂 Who would’ve thought?


I sure was hungry after my run. I made a nice protein-filled breakfast.

Ezekiel Sesame toast with peanut butter, sprinkled with ground chia. A nice hard boiled egg and almond milk too. Easy and satisfying.

While I ate, I looked at these and remembered that I had just run two miles.

One thing that I have to be better about is drinking water. I’ve already discussed the importance of staying hydrated, but it’s especially important in the hot weather. After I did the Jillian DVD on Thursday night, I got an awful charlie horse in my left calf. I literally couldn’t move my leg or foot for a good minute and my calf is still sore two days later. My dad gets charlie horses when he’s dehydrated, so I’m guessing the same goes for me. DRINK WATER. I can’t let something so easy, but so important hurt my race training. I want to go for an other run tomorrow or Monday, so I hope my calf is feeling better.

Enjoy your weekend and stay hydrated!!!

Have you hit any milestones lately that you’re proud of? Share please! 🙂

Do you have a go to post-workout meal? Mine varies, but I always try to get a lot of protein.


4 thoughts on “A First!

  1. Sounds like you had a great 2 mile run! Very proud of you Steph! You’ll have a great time running the race in a few weeks! Daddy & I will be there cheering you on. Keep it up!

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