Summer’s Here!

Yay, it’s Friday! I am wiped out and can’t wait for my weekend to begin.

Speaking of beginnings, I’m sure you know that Wednesday was the very official beginning of Summer. It’s my favorite time of year. I love the warmth, working out outside and going to the beach. I had a great first summer day. Remember all my concerts I’m going to this summer? Well the first one was Wednesday night and was awesome.

The show was the Reel Big Fish at the House of Blues. The HOB is on Landsdowne Street in Boston, right next to Fenway Park (you know, that place where the Red Sox play?).  Unfortunately, there was a Sox game Wednesday night too, which made my original plan of driving in to the show impossible; the traffic would be even more awful than normal and all the lousy parking garages jack up the price of parking. The lot I normally park in for $10 was $40 on Wednesday night. Jerks!

I took he Commuter Rail in to the Yawkey stop (Fenway is officially on Yawkey Way). My friend Steph met me there and we navigated through all the crowds to find a place to eat before the show.

I’m not a baseball fan at all, but it was fun being in a crowd where everyone was so excited for the game and seeing all the authentic baseball things, like the Sausage Guy carts, peanuts and scalpers. LOL

On the way to find food, we walked by the HOB. I’d actually never seen it in during the day. Cool entrance!

I love this picture! You can see Fenway Park on the right (the Green Monster!), the House of Blues on the left and the Prudential Center building right where it says Gate C on the Fenway sign. The Prudential is the second tallest building in Boston.

We eventually made our way to a newer restaurant on Boylston St. called Sweet Cheeks. It’s a bbq place I’d been wanting to try for a while and since it was 98 degrees out, bbq seemed like a fitting choice.  Our food and drinks were delicious!

Mine was the Beergria on the right; beer with liquor, juices and apple chunks. So amazing! I want to ask for the recipe! I don’t remember the name of Steph’s on the left, but it was whiskey, tea, lemon and mint- very refreshing! Those are her cool sunglasses because it’s the summer!

One of my favorite foods- Hush Puppies! These were sweeter than normal, but really good.

We both got the pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and they were delicious! I forgot to take a picture though. Definitely check out Sweet Cheeks if you’re near Fenway.

After dinner, we walked over to the concert. The Reel Big Fish are a ska-punk band form California (click on ska if you don’t know what ska music is). They’ve been around for a long time and are a guilty pleasure of mine. The concert was a blast and Steph and I danced the whole night. I was wicked sore yesterday, so I think it’s safe to say we burned off a hush puppy or two 😉

Even though I was sore yesterday, I was determined to go to yoga. And I did! The class was similar to last Thursday’s over at Breathe Wellness in Marlborough. We did a lot of poses involving lunges and my legs were dying. I had to kneel a couple of times. I also had no balance at all last night. I’m very lucky I didn’t topple over! LOL

Off to work! Hope you all have some good plans for the weekend and are keeping cool. I have a 3 mile run planned for this weekend- eek! Wish me luck!

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