New Food Review and a Great Run

Happy Wednesday People! Hope it’s going well for you.

I’m happy to report that my kitty, Teeny, has been behaving much better at night over the past couple of weeks and I’ve been sleeping very well. I’m one of those people who need 8 hours of sleep and when I get less, I really feel lousy. Well, I can go a day or two on less sleep, but after that I’m totally useless and end up getting sick. Losing sleep because my INSANE cat wanted to play all night was so frustrating; I even thought about returning her to the shelter because she was affecting my life so much. Luckily, I think she’s figured out I was not a happy camper and has calmed down.

Look at her cute little face after my run last night:

Thank you, Teeny, for chilling out! LOL


I met my awesome friend at the track last night to go for a run. I wanted to run for two miles again, since I’ve only done that once. It was such a nice change to run on the track because not only is it cushioned, but it’s flat! The route I run near my house is actually hillier than I first thought.

The great part of the run last night was that we ran for a whole mile without stopping. Woohoo! The last time I ran a mile at the track with no stops was in 6th grade. I used to be a great runner and I remember that at the mile run in 6th grade, I not only beat all the girls, but I beat all the boys too. I finished first. My how things change. LOL

The official stats are 2.09 miles in 23:59. I slowed down considerably since my last 2 miler, but I think that’s why I was able to run the whole mile with no stops. My next goal it so do the same thing this weekend, but faster. 🙂

New Food Happenings

Last week I tried a new, healthy food and I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

Larabar Uber Bananas Foster.

Thank you, Instagram.

The Uber bars are described as sweet and salty with big pieces of nuts and fruit. Well it delivered on that description. I loved it! The combo of sweet and salty satisfies and I like that it was still pretty healthy- only 8 grams of sugar and 3 grams of fiber. There are three other flavors: Apple Turnover, Cherry Cobbler and Roasted Nut Roll. For some reason none of those sound that appealing to me, but I think I’ll give the apple one a try anyway.

Sweet. Salty. Texture. Yum.

If you like bananas, then I definitely recommend this bar. It kept me full for a long time- and that’s important when I’m at work!

That’s all I’ve got! 🙂

What new foods have you tried lately?

Do you set little goals for yourself related to training?


2 thoughts on “New Food Review and a Great Run

  1. Hey that’s great that you ran the full mile without resting in between! Keep it up Steph! Daddy is cheering you on too! I can’t wait to try that Larabar Bananas Foster – where can you get them? Love you, Mommy

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