Random Running Dinner

Hey Everyone! How’s your morning going? I was so exhausted that I couldn’t make it out to run this morning and I feel totally lousy about it. I was supposed to go last night too, but I didn’t feel well. I don’t know what’s going on, but I am MAKING myself go workout tonight. My body is craving it, yet also exhausted. Annoying! Does this ever happen to you?

I got home from work last night and decided to take it easy since I was feeling crappy. I chilled on the couch and read a book. A while later I started to get hungry (sure sign I wasn’t feeling well- I’m ALWAYS hungry. I never “start” to get hungry. LOL).  I wanted to make something really healthy for a little boost for my body. Also, I was craving my delicious sweet potato fries again, but I didn’t have any more sweet potatoes 😦

Then I remembered that I have Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries in my freezer, so I was happy again.

Spicy Sweet Potato Julienne Fries

Dinner! Random, but healthy and delicious.

I ate more of my sauteed kale, those yummy fries and made the most perfect over-medium fried egg. I wish my fried eggs came out this well every time. The fries were just a little spicy and just salty enough. Yum!

After dinner, I decided to go on Pinterest and look around for some new things to pin. I found this picture and thought I would share it for any of you runners out there!


I eat a lot of these foods all the time and two of them for dinner last night! Go me! Haha. I’ve been meaning to buy some almond butter, but it’s always more expensive than peanut butter. Next payday I’ll get some though. Sold! 🙂

Do you ever have random dinners or do you always plan a meal?

Any foods you think should be on the list for runners?

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