Crazy Weekend Recap

Hi Everyone! I need to start this post by giving a late, but very important, Happy Birthday shout out to my mom.


Yes, I still call her mommy; it’s more like “Mummy” though. LOL.

Here’s  picture of us on Mother’s Day 2011. We’re in the Boston Public Garden by the “Make Way for Ducklings” statues. Isn’t she pretty? 🙂

I was so distracted by posting on my phone yesterday that I totally forgot to say it.


So Friday night I went to an off-Broadway show in Boston called “Xanadu.” It was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The show basically makes fun of how cheesy musicals are and also how bad fashion was in the early 80’s. If it comes to your city, I totally recommend it!

After the show, my girls and I used my Yelp! app to find somewhere good to eat in the South End. This isn’t an area of Boston I’m too familiar with, but most of the restaurants seem to run on the pricey side. We ended up at Masa, which I’d always wanted to try. We got three seats at the bar and ordered some awesome margaritas (mine was a Sangria Margarita) and some southwestern tapas.  I was a very bad food blogger and didn’t snap any photos. I think I was too excited to eat and just totally forgot. Em managed to snap one though!

These are onion rings! The guy next to us was eating them and we thought they were donuts! Seriously, then he bought us an order. Yay!

The food and drinks were awesome and I highly recommend Masa is you visit the South End.


On Saturday morning I did my Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD and it rocked. My shoulders are still sore.

Later in the day I got my gamble-on at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. I managed to take just a few pics there as well- I need to start remembering pictures!

You saw this baby yesterday- Dallas Burger from Bobby’s Burger Palace. Heaven. On.A. Bun.

Entering the Wolf’s Den. These cool wolves were all around and some of them moved.

In total, I made $2o on a penny slot machine. I am so not a gambler. I was tempted to take all my gambling money and go shopping at the Bare Minerals store. Makeup…mmm. Me love makeup.  😉


By Sunday, I was feeling pretty tired. I definitely need “me” time and I hadn’t gotten any all weekend. But, I was going to volunteer at the Bicycles Battling Cancer event, so away I went. Em and I got to the site at 11:30 to wait for the bikers to arrive. We manned the water station and helped serve water and PowerAde.

Rockin my Volunteer t-shirt (that was way too big!). It was really warm out and I got a nice little sunburn on my forehead. A little red on my shoulders too.

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the bikers though. It was a beautiful, but almost too warm and beautiful for a 101 mile bike ride. We were the rest stop at mile 75, so by then a lot of the bikers were tired and sore. All the volunteers tried to cheer them on and keep them motivated. Some of the bikers thanked us for being there, but I was like, “you’re the ones who raised all the money and are biking all this way to support cancer research. Thank you!” Such an awesome event.


You might have noticed that I never got a run in over the weekend. I was too tired in the mornings because I was out so late all weekend. My goal was to go Monday morning before work, but I failed at that too. I actually was so exhausted Sunday night that I got in to bed at 8:30. Ugh- I’m a grandma! When I woke up yesterday, my body just felt like it needed more sleep, so I listened.

I don’t always listen my body with regards to waking up and working out because it tends to be a little lazy…hee hee. But yesterday, I listened and I think it was much needed sleep.

So how about you, do you listen to your body with regards to sleep and working out?

Are you a gambler?

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