Foggy Friday

It’s finally Friday! Woohoo! I’ve had the busiest week at work and can’t wait to relax a bit. Not that I have a lot of down time this weekend. Listen to my plans:

  • Friday night– Xanadu in Boston. It’s a really funny musical based off of an Olivia Newton John movie. My roommate saw the show recently and loved it so much, she’s going again and taking me and another friend along. Then we’re hoping to hit a bar up after for some good drinks. Xanadu
  • Saturday– 1 mile run and a workout. Then,I’m going to Mohegan Sun with a bunch of friends. I’m not a big gambler, so guess what I’m excited for? Bobby Flay’s restaurant, Bobby’s Burger Palace! I have been dying to go here and I cannot wait! Mmm…burger. I will gamble though- I’m brining $20. Hee hee. I think I want to try this burger.

    Crunch Burger. Yes, those are potato chips!

  • Sunday– The American Cancer Society has sponsored a bike ride called Bicycles Battling Cancer and my company has volunteered its parking lot to the ride. The lot will be used like a rest area, where the bikers can eat and drink, rest and have their bikes checked out. I decided to volunteer at the event and my roommate is coming as well. We’ll be handing out drinks and sports bars and acting as cheerleaders for the bikers who have raised a lot of money for cancer research. The cyclists have the option of biking the 35 mile route, 65 milie route or the combined route of 101 miles!

I’m hoping that Sunday night will just be me, on the couch, with a book and a glass of wine. I want to get SOME relaxing in this weekend. But hey, I’m not going to complain about a fun, action-packed weekend 🙂


I’m very excited about my workout this morning. I set my alarm for 4:55 (ugh) to make sure I could fit in a run and my favorite Jillian dvd. I did some stretches and when I walked outside, it was totally foggy. Chilly too. Not the most refreshing way to run, but at least it wasn’t raining…since we all know I totally would’ve bailed on the run. Fair-weather workerouter. 😉

I set my MapMyRun app, turned on Pandora and I was off. I figured out some new settings on the running app and now it talks to me every few minutes to tell me my pace. So cool!

The best part of my run this morning is that I was able to go a half mile without stopping. I know, that’s nothing to some of you, but for me that was big! I might’ve made it a little farther, but I didn’t want to push it and slow down too much. So I walked for about a minute  and then started running again.

When I got back to the main road, I took this photo, so you can see how foggy it was.


After I took this pic I ran more, then walked, but then ran the rest of the way back to my apartment. My official time was 09:57 for 1.02 miles. One mile in under 10 minutes! I’m happy with that! Tomorrow I really want to try to go 1.5 miles. I need to get in a good workout before my Bobby Flay burger! Mmm… 😉


After my shower this morning, I made the same breakfast from Wednesday: a sliced peach on Eggo Nutrigrain waffles with maple syrup, but today I added one more  waffle and cinnamon! The cinnamon was the best addition. Delicious.

Almond milk on the side.

Enjoy your Friday!

Will you workout outside if the weather is gross?

What breakfasts are you loving lately?

4 thoughts on “Foggy Friday

  1. i herd there was this new/good show on Sunday evening, maybe you herd of it? I think it’s called True Blood or something like that. You should watch it!!

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