I’m Running a Race!

Good morning Everyone. It’s beautiful here outside Boston. I hope the weekend will be just as nice.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I”m running a race. I signed up for the “Miles Over the Moon” 4 miler that I mentioned yesterday. I’m so excited. A night race in Salem during the summer should be a blast. I’ll have to get some friends come with me to cheer me on, so we can go out for drinks after 😉

The other exciting part of this morning is…I went running! Yes! Since I’m going to run a race, I should probably start training for it. I’m really excited for a new challenge.

I am not going to lie though, I ran a mile this morning and I nearly died. Well, I half ran, half walked the mile and it was still really tough. It took me about 10 minutes, which isn’t too bad considering I walked half of it, right?

I’m happy I ran, but I’m hurting!

Here’s the view of the sun rising right as I left my apartment.

Last night I measured out the route in my car and there’s a perfect one mile lap in the neighborhood when I leave my apartment. My front door, through the neighborhood and back to my front door was exactly a mile- meant to be? I think so.

Here’s what I learned from my first run:

  • Running is hard! Well, I already knew that, but I felt a little sick when I got home and was still a little out of breath for about 15 minutes after the run. Maybe I’m running too fast?
  • Pacing. I think this is why I felt a little sick. Once I start running, I just feel like I should be really, really running. I don’t think I know how to “jog.”
  • I need a running app. for my phone. I just downloaded the Map My Run app and I hope it’s good. It had 4.5 stars, so it should do the trick. I couldn’t find the stopwatch setting on my phone, which is why I only have an estimate of how long it took me this morning.
  • Running gear. I need some. My shoes are cross-trainers and will be okay while I run a mile, but I’ll need to get some actual running shoes soon. My shirt kept riding up on me, which was extremely annoying. My sports bra didn’t work well and dug little cuts in to my shoulders. Also, my ear buds wouldn’t stay in my ears either; they are wicked old, so it’s time I bought some new ones anyway.
  • The morning is a great time to see wildlife. Right as I left my building, a fox ran across the street in front of me. I wanted to take a picture, but it was literally 5 seconds in to my run and I just wanted to get going. He watched me run down the street for a bit; I couldn’t take my eyes off him either because foxes are so beautiful and elusive.
  • Take my allergy pill BEFORE the run. Dope. Sucking in all that pollen was not fun. My voice is still scratchy.

Overall, I’m excited to start something new. I’ll just keep working on the mile and maybe soon I’ll be able to run the whole way. I hope I get better by July 13! I don’t want to have to run/walk the whole 4 miles. Ugh.

Must be positive though! 🙂

Let me know if you have any “newbie” advice for me. I could use any advise you have!

3 thoughts on “I’m Running a Race!

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