Boston on a Sunny Saturday


I’ve never really thought of myself as a “lucky” person. I don’t think I’m very unlucky either, but I’m just sort of… average in the luck department. LOL. Take for example how klutzy I am. This past Friday night I was hanging my laundry up in my closet. Harmless, right? It was, until I leaned my back, right on my spine, in to the pointy corner of my bureau at a really fast speed. It hurt and actually made me feel slightly nauseous and a little short on breath. I was a little freaked out, so I called the Nurse Line through my heath insurance and spoke to a nurse. She told me just to take ibuprofen, but to avoid working out for 3-4 days. Seriously?  I actually like to workout now, but I can’t until Tuesday? Ugh.

Boston on a Sunny Saturday

Just because I couldn’t do any serious workouts though doesn’t mean I wasn’t active. On Saturday, my roommate and I took the T (Boston’s subway) to Newbury Street to enjoy the beautiful weather and do a little shopping.

Look at this day! Not a cloud in the sky. It was about 80 degrees, which I think is perfect!

The first thing we did when we got to Newbury St. was look Pinkberry. We both love frozen yogurt and it was just a perfect day for it.

I forgot my camera, so all my pictures are from my phone. Hence why they’re tiny.

My fro-yo was Salted Caramel with raspberries and chocolate chips. Major yum!!!

We did so much walking. Newbury St. is pretty long and we were there for a few hours.

Eventually, we were hungry for lunch. I’ve always wanted to try the sushi place on Newbury St. called Snappy Sushi. They just happened to have a table for two outside! Yay! Em got a roll and I got a lunch box, but I shaved a bunch of calories by leaving a lot of the rice. Although, they automatically serve all sushi with brown rice- awesome!

After lunch, Em and I split up so she could go to an appointment. I started walking towards the Boston Public Gardens. On my way, these three fellas arrived.

Only in Boston will a random Fife and Drum band show up at 1pm on a Saturday on Newbury St. Notice anything funny about them though? They are all wearing New Balance sneakers! Ha! Turns out New Balance just opened a store in Copley Plaza, around the corner, and they had this band to promote the opening. While watching the band, a new Balance employee came over and gave me a free pair of NB workout socks. Sweet! Colonial band, free socks, sushi and fro-yo…awesome day so far!

I made my way to the Boston Public Gardens. Even though most of the flowers has already bloomed (early this year because of unseasonably warm weather in March) it was still beautiful. Baby ducklings everywhere! Also, one of the swans was making her huge nest. Really cool to see!

We finally headed home. I was proud that even though I couldn’t get a work out in, I figured out how to make the best of the day. I opted for low-fat frozen yogurt over real ice cream and had a healthy lunch of sushi and saved calories on some of the rice. A few hours of walking in flip flops has to count too!

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Enjoy your day!

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