Sometimes Life Kicks You in the Butt, but I’m Ready to Kick Back

Hi Everyone. Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week. The past couple of weeks have been kind of tough for me; there’s a lot of sad things going on right now. Boys, my Grampy is sick and other things have all just added up and taken a toll on me. I haven’t posted because I haven’t been doing much but crying and wanting to stay in bed. Sometimes life just kicks you in the butt.

My appetite has been totally out of whack, so I haven’t had any fun recipes to share. I also didn’t work out all week, since I didn’t even want to get out of bed.

Happy faces surrounding Sad smiley stock photo, A sad smiley stands out from the crowd of happy smileys by Norma CornesThat little sad smiley has been me. Phooey.

I’m hoping to turn my mood around this week and get back to my normal posting schedule. It feels good to be typing again and looking for fun pictures.

What To Do When Life Kicks You In The Butt

I can not be more grateful for my amazing friends and family who have been tirelessly trying to cheer me up and who have dealt with my non-stop crying. I can only hope I am as there for you all someday as you have been for me!

  1. Make plans with people who make you happy.This isn’t always an easy step when you’re down in the dumps. There were many times lately that I just wanted to curl up in my bed and cry and be sad. I used Facebook to keep up on what my friends were doing this week and ended up being busy almost every night. I was definitely not at my best (since I’m usually pretty freaking awesome to hang out with-LOL) but my friends and family did help keep my mind off all the sad stuff for hours at a time. They also let me cry and be sad and angry and every other thing I was feeling; it was good to get it out.

    I was probably crying 10 minutes before this pic was taken in Nashville.

  2. Let your feelings out. Don’t hold back. I’ve been crying at work, in the car, in the shower, at bed…you name it, I’ve cried there. Not that crying all the time is wonderful, but when I try to hold it in and don’t get my feelings out, I feel much worse. Communication, any form I think, is better than being an emotional lock box.
  3. Listen to good music. I’ve had a hard time listening to music lately because a lot of it reminds me of one of the people I’m sad about- and I DEFINITELY don’t want to hear any love songs. I bought a new album on iTunes though that I like, just for me, and has no correlation with anyone at all. It’s actually an awesome album: Gym Class Heroes- The Papercut Chronicles II. There are love songs on it (Stereo Hearts) and others, but they are fun to sing to and get me in a happy mood. I also bought tickets to a concert this summer for a band that’s a guilty pleasure for me, Reel Big Fish. They’re a ska band, but their music is kind of silly and cheesy. I’m going with my friend, also named Steph 🙂
  4. Workout. This has been especially hard for me. I usually work out in the morning before work, but I haven’t had the energy to get up. Laying in bed has been much more appealing. Then, I was making plans with all my wonderful friends after work, so I couldn’ twork out then either. I finally went to the gym with my roommate and it really did feel great. I did the elliptical for an hour and five minutes and then we went to a yoga class for about 30 minutes. I haven’t worked out that hard in a while and I’m sore today, but those endorphins pumping through me felt great! I always feel more energetic after a workout- must get back on track.
  5. Give it time. Ok, this is definitely the hardest. Everyone has told me I’ll feel better eventually. I wish I could just fast-forward time to get to the point where I’m not so sad all the time. Someday.
  6. Be thankful for the good stuff. I’m healthy. I have amazing friends and family. I have a stable job that pays me enough to get by. I have a sweet new kitty. I know what love is.

Thanks for reading this post. I will actually have new recipe for you later this week and I’ll put my workout schedule up too! Be happy everyone.



13 thoughts on “Sometimes Life Kicks You in the Butt, but I’m Ready to Kick Back

  1. Tough week here too! Friends are definitely the best. They don’t have to say a thing…mine just make me laugh. I would love to get back on track…the walking track that is! My schedule unfortunately does not allow for this relaxing activity and exercise. Boy do I miss it. I really need to stop doing for everyone in the family and take some time for me….yea right! I am a mom and wife! I can’t seem to say no!
    Chin up and keep those friends close….I hope this week is a great week for you and that the tears stop falling.
    Peach State

    • From your kind & caring comments I can believe that you find it hard to say no to others. You obviously are a generous & caring person. You must take time for yourself, too. You deserve it, but keep up the great work -God smiles down on you.

      • Oh I do say NO! quite a bit….but they go in one ear and out the other ear! ( my 11 year old’s ears).
        Things are improving here… How are things with you?
        Peach State

  2. Things will get better Steph! They always do…just keep your head high and enjoy good times with your friends who care about you. You have a lot of great ideas for dealing with challenging times so you just might help someone else out, too!! I love ya baby!! Have a great week. Xxxooo

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